Philadelphia Fusion rebrands to Seoul Infernal ahead of OWL 2023

Philadelphia Fusion/Seoul Infernal

Philadelphia Fusion has rebranded to Seoul Infernal, moving their team operations to Seoul, South Korea, and giving them access to T1’s training facilities.

Philadelphia Fusion was always just short of achieving greatness in the Overwatch League. Their various rosters over the years have been, for the most part, defined by strong South Korean talent that has managed to keep the team near the top of the OWL for years.

But they almost always come in second place. This team doesn’t have any big first-place finishes or titles, and that’s something they’ll be looking to change with their 2023 rebrand.

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Ahead of the 2023 Overwatch League, Philadelphia Fusion has rebranded to Seoul Infernal and moved operations to South Korea. Along with this change comes access to the full suite of T1’s training facilities.

Philadelphia Fusion rebrands as Seoul Infernal for OWL 2023

Like many other esports, South Korea has been a dominant force in Overwatch. Many of Overwatch’s best competitive moments have been defined by Korean players, and Philadelphia Fusion was a huge part of building that legacy.

Their rebranding and relocation make sense considering their organization’s successes have been defined by talent from Korea. Still, a few aspects of this announcement have fans scratching their heads.

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For instance, esports host and caster GoldenBoy raised the concern that Seoul Dynasty already exists within the Overwatch League. What’s more, Seoul Dynasty doesn’t have any players signed currently, giving OWL fans, even more, to speculate upon.

Many diehard fans of Philadelphia Fusion are saddened by the news, especially those native to the city that were happy to have Philly represented on a global stage.

This news comes after Paris Eternal’s rebrand to Vegas Eternal, making the off-season for 2023’s OWL one of the most hectic in Overwatch history.

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