Bizarre Overwatch glitch gets Hammond stuck in a tree on Hanamura

Hammond on HanamuraBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players have discovered a strange, yet hilarious glitch on Hanamura that lets Wrecking Ball get stuck in a tree, sometimes even completely unable to move.

Hammond can be one of the wildest Overwatch tanks, packing extreme levels of mobility that can be a huge threat to the enemy team.

With 600 health, armor, a non-existent head hitbox in ball form, and adaptive shields, Wrecking Ball can be the hardest hero to pin down and eliminate in the entire game by far.

As such, the best counter to the hamster is often high levels of crowd control to keep him in place with stuns, freezes and hacks being the most optimal tools to deal with the annoying tank rolling up in your backline.

Wrecking Ball uses PiledriverBlizzard Entertainment
Wrecking Ball can be the most annoying Overwatch hero.

That said, the best counter to Hammond could very well not be any one ability, but rather a glitch that forces him to get stuck in a tree on Hanamura, leaving him vulnerable to attacks.

Twitch streamer RoadRunner_ow experienced this glitch first hand while trying to defend Hanamura’s first point. After following through the small opening in the gate, he found himself trapped while attempting a piledriver.

As such, the enemy team was able to prepare for the assault with the Reinhardt pinning and deleting the giant hamster ball.

“Series of unfortunate events,” he gasped after the bug cost him his life.

This bug isn’t just limited to the Winter Wonderland version of Hanamura either, and as it turns out, it can be way more catastrophic.

Back in May, YouTuber Hunu uploaded a video of a Wrecking Ball getting stuck in the tree, but unlike RoadRunner, he remained trapped there.

After being blown up, a friendly Mercy was able to revive him, but despite the resurrection, the YouTuber couldn’t move and just fed even more ultimate charge to the enemy team.

This bug seems to only affect Wrecking Ball, so that’s probably why Blizzard hasn’t addressed it yet or if they’re even aware of its existence.

Hopefully, it gets dealt with soon and before it happens to an Overwatch League team when Season 4 kicks off in 2021.