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Top 10 most popular Overwatch skins revealed by Blizzard

Published: 4/Feb/2021 9:35 Updated: 5/Feb/2021 11:48

by Lauren Bergin


One of the best parts about Overwatch is the diverse range of skins that are available in-game, with each character being given a variety of unique looks. Some do appear in games more often than others, though. 

There are a lot of skins that have become staples in the Overwatch universe. If you’re not getting slept by Ana in her Shrike disguise, you’re taking a Dragon Blade to the face from Oni Genji.

All of these amazing skins have inspired fans to come up with their own amazing concepts, including this recent collection of stunning Lunar New Year inspired skins.

But, what are the top 10 skins that are getting used across all of Overwatch’s game modes? After asking Blizzard, we’ve got all of the information on what skins were the most popular in 2020. So, in no particular order, let’s have a look!

Genji: Oni

Oni Genji Overwatch Skin
Blizzard Entertainment

Designed in the style of Japanese mythology, Oni Genji is one of the Overwatch world’s most terrifying skins. Imagine a devilish Genji casually lunging towards you with Dragon Blade at the ready – not ideal, is it?

Ana: Shrike

Overwatch Shrike Ana Amari Skin
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Ana Amari has lived a thousand lives, but one of her alter egos is freedom fighter Shrike. The Epic skin has become notorious both in her home town of Egypt and in our Overwatch games. After all, one sleep dart can cause a whole lot of chaos.

Reinhardt: Blackhardt

Reinhardt Blackhardt Skin Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment

While Reinhardt’s armor is already pretty fearsome, the Blackhardt skin reimagines his armor in an almost Diablo-esque style. It’s reminiscent of the iconic black knight of our childhood fairtytales, if he was really big, German, and had a huge hammer.

Genji: Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fibre Genji Overwatch Skin
Blizzard Entertainment

Appearing again is Genji, but this skin is radically different from his Oni one. Reimagined in a Cyberpunk 2077 style, our favorite futuristic ninja has been given a matte black paint job and some neon lights. This skin is the reason that Overwatch supports are afraid of the dark.

Ana: Captain Amari

Ana Captain Amari Skin Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment

Ana’s back with yet another disguise this time, but it’s one that transcends the space-time boundary. Captain Amari takes us back to when Ana was second in command of Overwatch, and changes out her iconic silver hair for stunning black waves. Fans love a bit of lore, and this skin is as lore-filled as you can get.

Doomfist: Formal

Doomfist Formal Skin Overwatch

If there’s one character that every player hates it’s the infamous Doomfist. This skin, however, is hard to hate. Sporting a pretty swag tuxedo and some awesome looking shades, it’s easy to imagine the Nigerian coordinating his Talon attacks in style.

Genji: Baihu

Baihu Genji Skin Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment

Guess who’s back? Back again? Genji’s back, that’s who, but this time he’s the white tiger of Chinese mythology. The Baihu is the king of all beasts, and it’s safe to say that Genji is the king of the Overwatch battlefield. As well as this list because, well, he’s pretty popular eh?

McCree: Mystery Man

Mystery Man McCree Overwatch Skin

Appearing for the first time on this list, cowboy vigilante Jesse McCree has gotten a full makeover with this mysterious skin. Channelling his inner highwayman, we’re left wondering whether it is actually McCree that’s under the mask, or is it someone more sinister?

Ana: Snow Owl

Ana Amari Snow Owl Skin Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment

Making yet another appearance on this list, the fan favorite sniper support’s Winder Wonderland skin has become as iconic as the Egyptian herself. Released in 2017, and only available during the Anniversary and Christmas events, so make sure you snag this elusive little bird before she vanishes into the night.

Moira: Banshee

Banshee Moira Overwatch Skin
Blizzard Entertainment

If there’s a skin that everyone has seen at least once in their Overwatch lifetime it’s Banshee Moira. The 2018 Halloween Terror look has become pretty much a staple for Moira players everywhere. If you don’t have this skin, are you really a Moira main?

So, that’s the top ten skins that are getting played across all modes in Overwatch. As well as giving us a fun overview of what players want skins to look like, it also gives us a glimpse of what heroes have become the game’s most popular.

With Ana and Genji taking up six slots, it’s pretty obvious who the fan favorites are!

League of Legends

TFT b-patch 11.4 notes: Olaf nerfs, Nasus & Nidalee buffs

Published: 25/Feb/2021 2:28

by Andrew Amos


A small update for Teamfight Tactics is here with TFT b-patch 11.4. Riot is finetuning some adjustments after their big changes, with the February 24 patch including nerfs to Olaf, as well as buffs to Nasus and Nidalee.

TFT patch 11.4 drastically shook up the game’s meta. Reroll comps were nerfed into the ground, leading to the rise of Slayers and Vanguard-Mystic Neeko.

However, the changes went a bit too far. With Olaf becoming the number one comp instantly, Riot are keen to draw back his power in a big way. On the other hand, Nasus and Nidalee were hit a bit too hard for the devs’ liking.

TFT b-patch 11.4 includes changes for all of these units, and more.

Olaf AD increased, but Runaan’s change is huge nerf

Olaf has quickly risen to the number one carry in TFT with the big nerfs to all his rivals in TFT patch 11.4. Paired with Runaan’s Hurricane, he could cleave through entire teams 1v9. Now, that interaction is changing.

“Hurricane has proved to be too synergistic with Olaf, making him too powerful with the item, but too weak without it. We’re removing the Hurricane interaction, but will be giving him some AD to compensate and open up other build paths,” TFT dev Rodger ‘Minionsrpeople2’ Caudill said in the amended patch notes.

The loss of the Runaan’s proc on his ultimate makes his damage output significantly weaker. While an increase in AD will help balance out the nerf, Olaf forcers will certainly feel the change.

Nidalee in TFT Fates
Riot Games
Nidalee was hit the hardest in TFT patch 11.4, so Riot are giving her a bit of love.

Nasus & Nidalee get compensation buff after early nerfs

On the other side of the equation, after getting nuked in the last update, reroll carries Nasus and Nidalee are getting some assistance. Nasus’ mana is getting decreased so he can cast more readily, while Nidalee’s damage at two and three-star is also up.

The changes may not make either comp S-Tier in the meta, but it’s a handy buff. Talon is also getting a huge bugfix that keeps his mana bar full if a target dies midway through his ability animation.

Quicksilver and Runaan’s bugs have also been squashed in the b-patch. You can find the full TFT b-patch 11.4 notes below, courtesy of Riot.

TFT b-patch 11.4 notes


Tier 1


  • Mana: 0/80 ⇒ 0/70


  • Nidalee Javelin Toss Damage: 100/150/250 ⇒ 100/175/300

Tier 4


  • Ragnarok Cleave effect no longer triggers on Runaan’s Hurricane bolts
  • Attack Damage: 80 ⇒ 90


  • Fixed a bug where Talon would lose his Mana if his target died as he reached full Mana



  • Fixed a bug where Quicksilver was preventing damage from Nasus’s Wither and blocking some non-CC debuffs (e.g. Grievous Wounds, mana reave)

Runaan’s Hurricane

  • Fixed a bug where Runaan’s Hurricane’s bolt was benefiting from damage amp (e.g. Slayer, Giantslayer, Hand of Justice)