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Baptiste Overwatch spot on Temple of Anubis is absolute madness

Published: 7/Dec/2019 20:24

by Bill Cooney


A new spot for Baptiste on Temple of Anubis allows the Overwatch hero to grab the high ground, and potentially catch the enemy team off guard.

Baptiste is definitely still a recent enough hero that new strategies and plays are still being found for him and the ability to jump with his Exo Boots gives him even more unique opportunities.

It’s also taken some time for Overwatch players to figure out how to best use Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix ultimate, which relies on good placement and positioning.

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A new video from Reddit user Shnig1 shows their favorite place to drop Baptiste’s ultimate on Temple of Anubis, and it honestly is pretty dang clever.


While on defense, Shnig1 heads over to the far right route and hops onto the ledge of the window above the large health pack.

Once up there, they throw out Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix, and begin to rain down destruction on the unsuspecting attacking team pressing forward.

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This is a spot where only Baptiste will be able to use his ultimate unless you have a cooperative Pharah or Widow on your team, so if you get up there you better be able to click heads.

Luckily for all of the Baptiste players out there, the support hero actually seems to be able to put out more damage than the old standby DPS of Soldier: 76.


Showcasing this increased DPS, Overwatch YouTuber Stylosa posted a comparison of Baptiste and Soldier shooting Reinhardt’s shield, and the current version of Baptiste actually wins.

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The way things are in Overwatch right now, players probably didn’t need any more reason to pick Baptiste, but that’s exactly what this play does.

So Baptiste mains start practicing your jumps and everyone else be sure to keep an eye out, or up, when attacking on Temple of Anubis.