Game-breaking Outriders inventory wipe bug has finally been fixed in latest patch

Tanner Pierce
Square Enix

Outriders players have been dealing with a game-breaking bug since launch that wiped inventories, but now developer People Can Fly have finally released a patch that directly addresses the problem at hand, promising to restore lost items soon.

Outriders’ launch has been rough to say the least. While most are finding the game fun and engaging, the experience with the game’s bugs have left some disappointed and even afraid to play the game. While the servers in the always-online title have been up and down since launch, there’s also been a major inventory bug.

Essentially, this glitch deleted a player’s entire inventory, down to the weapons and armor, so that they have nothing. This has obviously been frustrating for fans, and while the developers have been saying that a fix was on the way for the problem, it seems like they’ve finally delivered.

Developer People Can Fly have released a long-awaited patch for Outriders, which aims to directly combat the inventory wipe bug that’s been affecting the third-person shooter. The update doesn’t appear to do anything else, so there’s no stat changes or nerfs to report.

It’s important to note that it doesn’t restore any lost inventory if you’ve encountered the bug in the past, and will help circumvent the issue in future instances. The items will be restored, but the developers have said that they want to make sure that they fully fix the issue before bringing back them back.

As for how effective this patch is, that remains to be seen. People Can Fly have said that if players still have inventory issues that they should let them know on Reddit, however, a tweet released by the company says that it is confident the patch fixes the issue at hand.

The glitch itself has been a source of extreme frustration from fans. It was claimed to be fixed a couple times in other patches but it obviously kept persisting so hopefully this is the end of it now.