Kamui Cosplay reveals her epic Outriders outfit to take on the Anomaly

Kamui Cosplay OutridersSquare Enix, Twitter: kamuicosplay

Square Enix’s Outriders has enjoyed a massively popular launch, sparking the creativity of fans, and Kamui Cosplay is ready to take on the Anomaly with this awesome outfit. 

While Square Enix’s looter shooter doesn’t satisfy everyone, one of the aspects of the game that’s received the most praise is its stunning graphics.

In our Outriders review, we praised the game’s high-quality environments and accessories, but it turns out that there’s an artistic community blossoming around the title that’s equally as impressive.

Leading the real-life Outriders is cosplayer Svetlana ‘Kamui’ Quindt , whose past endeavors such as her Demonic Brigitte and Monster Hunter Rise-inspired armor have stunned cosplay fans everywhere.

Kamui creates stunning Outriders cosplay

Outriders gameplaySquare Enix
Taking on Enoch’s demons is no easy feat, but Kamui is geared up to do so.

The cosplay queen has created a set of futuristic armor that would blend seamlessly into Outriders’ chaotic dystopian universe.

With leather panels and gauntlets embellished with the iconic Outriders logo, the outfit looks as though it’s been sewn together by one of the planet’s huge space cowhides. There’s also a khaki cape-style hood draped over her shoulders, held together by a metal skeleton that frames her collar bone.

What stands out, though, is her recreation of the game’s Legendary light machine gun, the Grim Marrow. With skeletal ribs wrapping around the glowing internal fleshy structure, Kamui has perfectly encapsulated the weapon’s macabre beauty.

Smudgy black eyeshadow also highlights her eyes, and it looks as though she’s walked straight out of the game’s character creator into the real world.


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While Kamui is one of the first big cosplayers to put her spin on Square Enix’s newest title, it’ll be interesting to see if other fans follow in her footsteps.

Will we see some real-life Technomancers, Pyromancers, Devastators and Tricksters taking to the plains of our current planet? We’ll have to wait and see how the game’s cosplay scene continues to progress.