Best Outriders Legendary weapons, ranked

Outriders Best legendary weaponsSquare Enix

Legendary weapons in Outriders are among the best in the entire game and lucky for you, we’ve got a guide that breaks down the best of the bunch. 

While Square Enix are best known for their Final Fantasy titles, Outriders is a far cry from what FF fans would expect from the iconic studio.

Facing down demonic aliens on the vast wastelands of Enoch, you’ll have to be ready for battle in order to tear through the planet’s numerous inhabitants.

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Legendary weapons are the best way to do that, and in this guide we’ve compiled all of the guns that have been tried and tested so far, with the best three at the top. Soon enough, you will be on your way to dominating in the third-person shooter.

Best Outriders Legendary Weapons

3 – Aerie Master

Outriders Legendary Weapons Aerie Master

While shotguns aren’t for everyone, the Aerie Master has an insane set of perks that easily render enemies completely useless.

Weightlessness can be used to throw enemies up into the air for 5 seconds, where they’re immobilized and just waiting to take a shotgun to the face. This is perfect for large swarms of enemies, because one they’re suspended so close together, the Aerie’s spray pattern means that each of them will get hit.

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Accompanied by Critical Point, which increases the likelyhood of a critical shot by 15%, you’ll be melting Enoch’s swarms in no time.

2 – Thunderbird

Outriders Thunderbird

This Legendary Assault Rifle is just as fierce as it looks. Channeling the power of the tempest, its perks make it a deadly addition to your arsenal.

Ultimate Storm Whip calls down a bolt of lightening that deals 26 damage with every shot, making enemy health bars melt away in an instant.

Add Striga into the mix, which recalls 30% of your critical damage as health, and you’ll be an effectively indestructible walking menace.

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1 – Amber Vault

Outriders Amber Vault

The Amber Vault double gun is a pretty ugly beast, but considering the damage it does, we wouldn’t say that to its face.

Killing Spree means that killing shots increase the weapon’s damage by 30% for 30 seconds, a perk that stacks with every five kills you get.

With Brain Eater meaning that critical shots don’t use up ammo, Amber Vault will rain relentless terror on your enemies, and that’s why we believe it’s the currently game’s top tier weapon.

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All Legendary Weapons in Outriders

OutridersSquare Enix
Torment & Agony are pretty similar to Devil May Cry’s Dante’s Ebony & Ivory.

Every one of these 42 weapons can be found in the game, and all bring something different to the table.

The Outriders Legendary Weapons are:

  • Absolute Zero
  • Aerie Master
  • Amber Vault
  • The Anemoni
  • Blightbearer
  • Body Snatcher
  • Bold & Thunder
  • The Bulwark
  • The Daimyo
  • Damascus Offering
  • Deathshield
  • Disintegrator
  • Enoch’s Blessing
  • Fatal Symbiont
  • Funeral Pyre
  • Golem’s Limb
  • Grim Marrow
  • Heir to the Desert
  • The High Roller
  • Icarus
  • The Iceberg
  • Imploder
  • The Juggler
  • The Landlubber
  • Lucky
  • Lucky Jinx
  • Master Tool
  • The Migraine
  • Mindmugger
  • Molden Eidola
  • Paxian Blessing
  • Raróg’s Gaze
  • The Reaper
  • Roaring Umbra
  • Shelrog’s Excrescence
  • Spirit Hunter
  • Thunderbird
  • Time Ripper
  • Torment & Agony
  • Twisted Mercy
  • Voodoo Matchmaker
  • The Wicker

Outriders released on April 1, 2021 – and no, that’s not an April Fool’s Day joke. Using this information, soon enough you will be dominating on Enoch and well on your way to fast progression, too.

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