How to start a fight in NHL 24

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Fight in NHL 24

Here’s an overview of how to start a fight in NHL 24, as well as the controls to win one once you drop the gloves.

Fights have become a time-honored tradition in both hockey and the NHL but the number of fights that have taken place in the league has gone down in recent years.

Still, NHL 24 players will still have the option to scrape with the opposition. And, the winning side will also get an energy boost that will be applied to all forward lines and defensive pairings.

Here’s what NHL 24 should know about starting a fight in NHL 24, plus the controls.

How to initiate a fight in NHL 24

There are a number of ways to start a fight in NHL 24, but the easiest way to do this is by double-tapping Y (for Xbox) or Triangle (for PlayStation) during the faceoff.

This will give the other player the option or the CPU the option to accept the fight. But, also keep in mind that the opponent doesn’t necessarily have to accept the invitation.

There are other options, however, to start a fight in NHL 24. One way is by laying a big hit on the opposition during the play. This, we should note, won’t trigger a fight very often but it’s another way to get one going.

Another option is to shoot the puck on the net after the whistle has blown and play has stopped.

Fight controls in NHL 24

Now that you know how to start a fight, let’s briefly go over the controls for fights in NHL 24:

  • Fake Grab: LT/L2
  • Uppercut: Right Stick (Down)
  • Pull Left Stick (Down)
  • Dodge: RT/R2
  • Grab: LT/L2 (Hold)
  • Overhand Punch Right Stick (Up)
  • Push: Left Stick (Up)
  • Block/Lean Back: RT/R2 (Hold)

It’s always a good idea to be responsive in fights and take advantage of the opposition. Make sure to dodge, or don’t be overly aggressive when looking to punch. Pick your spot wisely.

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