Summit1g explains why New World PvE combat “looks sad”

Amazon Games Studio/Summit1g

Popular Twitch streamer Summit1g doesn’t seem impressed with what he’s seen of New World’s PvE combat so far. Even though the game’s still in beta, he believes the mechanics are still far from where they need to be.

Amazon Games Studios’ latest release, New World, is making waves in the MMO scene, in part because it’s a brand-new IP. But also because it features a hack-and-slash combat system not seen in games like WoW.

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With plenty of players watching streamers grind or grabbing keys and hopping in for themselves, New World is easily one of the biggest games of the Summer. Summit1g though hasn’t been blown away by what he’s seen so far.

After explaining he wasn’t going to play New World because it was still technically only in beta, so his time woudn’t “count” once the test ends, Summit explained he quickly got bored watching streams of the game as well.

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“I honestly don’t think it looks incredible. I think aspects to it I like, and aspects to it I don’t like, I think it’s too basic, but we’ll see when it comes out,” he explained. “It gets boring fast? Here’s my thought process on it: I can’t tell the difference between someone PvEing at level 20 vs. level 60.”

Summit, who admitted he hasn’t played the Summer 2021 beta, added his biggest issue with the game was its PvE and boss mechanics, or lack thereof.

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“PvE hack-and-slash, your fight is completely different,” he continued. “The boss has to do mechanics that you at least need to avoid — and so far what I have seen is five or six people get around a boss and just spam their attacks on them, and that is f**king it, and I’m not exaggerating. I think it’s kind of sad, in a PvE sense.”

New World Amazon MMOAmazon Games
New World’s PvP combat might be fine, but according to Summit1g PvE leaves a lot to be desired.

Bosses without any kind of AOE attacks to keep players on their toes also seems to have thrown Summit for a loop, with the streamer apparently at a loss to how they aren’t in an MMO like New World.

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“You couldn’t give some mechanics in this fight? You couldn’t do a big AOE that likes knocks them back, maybe snipes a guy for half his health or something?” Summit wondered. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to just think ‘hey, hack-and-slash game, maybe we should have some mechanics.'”

The MMO vet admitted New World looks great, and that the PvP does looks fun. He also gave some suggestions to devs: to improve the PvE mechanics and boss battles, look no further than the Dark Souls series.

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