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New World

New World players shocked by dev’s reaction to bug giving users $300k

Published: 24/Nov/2021 23:03

by Connor Knudsen


New World dev’s light-hearted reaction to a bug that is awarding players upwards of $300k gold in-game has the community seething.

New World, the Amazon Games MMO, has had a bumpy beginning since its launch in September 2021.

Devs have been working seemingly around the clock since that time, attempting to get a hold of a never-ending list of bugs and exploits that have affected the core gameplay of the MMO.

Just two days after issuing an apology for some of these mishaps, one dev seemed to be trolling the community in a forum post that has players livid.

New World bug gives players massive gold

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Amazon Games
New World’s update 1.1 has gotten some heat, and devs are having a hard time keeping the community on their side.

In a facetious post made to New World forums on November 24, one player claimed that they had received over $300k in gold when they logged on and thanked devs for the accidental jackpot.


“This morning I logged in with over 300k. Thank you so much! I can tell your management appreciates my hard work here on the forums, making thought out and insightful posts, and speaking up for us, the gamers.”

While the post was clearly in jest, one Community Moderator attempted to match the tone of the poster, saying, “Congratulations! :partying_face:” to their massive purse.

This was immediately met with serious heat from the community, both on the forum and on the game’s official subreddit.

The post above received nearly 2,000 upvotes and had over 600 people weighing in through the comments. And while devs have provided an update saying that they are conducting maintenance and looking into the issue, that didn’t stop the tirade.


The dev team has not responded to the community manager’s attempted quip, despite the outrage from players.

As the game nears its 3-month anniversary, players will be keeping an eye on devs and their ability to get the game under control before the holidays, hoping for a more stable game.

If not, New World may have a tough time competing in the new year.