How to equip Twitch skins in New World

. 9 months ago
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New World has taken Twitch by storm as players scramble to get their hands on cosmetic and item drops, though, it can be a little tricky equipping them in-game. So, here’s what you need to know. 

After a few delays, New World has finally released to players wide world, giving them the chance to dig their teeth into a brand new MMO experience. Well, that’s if you manage to get through the lengthy queues.

The game has naturally rocketed to the top of the Twitch charts too as players who haven’t braved the lengthy wait just yet want to get a look at the new game. Plus, there are cosmetic drops on offer too.

Watch for long enough and you’ll end up with things like the Verdant Trapper and Golden Rage Armor. Though, equipping them in-game is a little bit of a challenge, if you’re not paying attention.

new world
Amazon Games
New World’s fantasy-meets-history aesthetic is unique

Unlike some other MMOs, equipping new skins and cosmetics isn’t advertised too clearly in New World and can be a little finicky. It’s not impossible, however.

Once you’ve got the drops in your inventory, you just need to right-click on the item that you want to change and press the ‘change skin’ option at the bottom.

That will then bring up the different skins that you can equip, so pick the one you want to rock, equip it and you’ll be looking stylish before long. You’ve got to jump a few hurdles but you’ll get there eventually.

How to use New World Twitch skins

  1. Tab to open inventory
  2. Right-click the equipped armor you want to skin
  3. Go down to “change skin”
  4. Pick your skin
  5. Equip it and you’re done!
New World screenshot of changing skins
Screenshot via New World
The option to change skin is not all that obvious.

If you get bored of the skin you pick, or just unlock a new one that you want to show off, just repeat the process above to change things up.

Given that players have grown slightly annoyed by not having a more obvious way to change skins, the New World devs might have to make a change of their own. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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