How to claim New World Twitch drops: Weapon skins, Armor, more

New World warrior fighting an ancient robotAmazon Game Studios

Wondering how to claim New World Twitch drops? Here’s everything you need to know to score some new gear.

Amazon’s highly anticipated MMO, New World, has finally graced our screens. With players all across the globe taking to the virgin shores of Aeternum, there’s a lot to explore.

Of course, streamers have jumped on the bandwagon, too. With Twitch behemoths such as Asmongold and shroud all jumping on the ship to this mysterious new land, the game has become an overnight sensation on the streaming platform.

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Part of this is likely due to Twitch drops, which are free loot that viewers can score after watching a certain amount of content. So, here’s how to claim New World Twitch drops, as well as all of the rewards currently on offer.


New World cover artBlizzard Entertainment
New World has become a haven for both casual players and streamers alike.

How to claim New World Twitch drops

In order to claim your goodies, there are a few steps you’ll have to take first. Thankfully, they’re not as painful as your journey to Aeternum!

All you have to do to claim New World Twitch drops is:

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  1. Sign in to the New World website with your Twitch account.
  2. Sign in to the New World website with your Steam account.
  3. Voila! Your drops are activated!

Current New World Twitch drops: Vinespun skins

New World Twitch drops vinespun weapon skinsAmazon Game Studios
The spectacular Vinespun skins are up for grabs via Twitch drop.

With previous rewards including the Verdant Trapper and Golden Rage armor, the latest rewards players can get their hands on is the Vinespun weapon skin set. Comprised of the 14 unique weapon skins seen above, the more hours you watch, the more skins you’ll receive.

In order to get all the skins you’ll have to:

  • Tune in from September 28 and October 11 at 5PM PST / 8PM EST / 3AM BST / 4AM CEST.
  • Watch 10 hours of content from one of the 66 Battle for New World participants.
    • These are the streamers who took part in the Battle for New World event at the start of the beta, and they can be found here.

As new rewards drop, we’ll be sure to update this article with the latest treasures and how to obtain them.

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So that’s it for how to claim New World Twitch drops! Excited to dive into the ominous world of Aeternum? Here are a few guides to help you survive:

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