NBA 2K22 player ratings: Top 10 rated players, rookies, more

nba 2k22 player predictions2K Games

The yearly NBA 2K player ratings are one of the most intriguing aspects each year, and with NBA 2K22 there’s bound to be some drastic bumps for some of the rising stars within the NBA.

Sports games have evolved over the years, and now they offer some of the best ways to experience the actual game, but while at home. NBA 2K has been leading these efforts in recent years, as they have implemented certain mechanics such as their story-driven campaign mode that has been stellar in recent years.

But, no sports game is complete without player ratings, and the release of any new NBA game is also a signal that’ll we see brand new ratings for all players within the NBA.

Once again, we’re going to see some drastic changes, so we’re going to run over all the announced ratings thus far, from rookies to the top ten overall players within the game.

LeBron2K Games
LeBron James has typically been the highest-rated player in every NBA 2K game.

NBA 2K22 player ratings release date

We don’t know for sure when 2K Games is going to release the top players for this year’s game, as they’ve just announced the cover athletes of the game. Typically, they announced player by player just a few weeks before the game’s beta/full release, so keep your eyes peeled for some time in the middle of August for a reveal.

NBA 2K22 all confirmed ratings

2K Games has been slowly but surely announcing some of the ratings for a select few NBA players over the last week. Some of these have come as a surprise to fans, but, there’s some notable ratings we’re going to run over.

Rookie ratings

Top 10 rated players in NBA 2K22

Player Rating
LeBron James 96
Kevin Durrant 96
Giannis Antetokounmpo 96
Steph Curry 96
Kawhi Leonard 95
Nikola Jokic 95
Joel Embiid 95
Luka Doncic 94
James Harden 94
Damian Lillard 94

Other notable players

Player Rating
Zion Williamson 89
Jayson Tatum 90
Trea Young 89
LaMelo Ball 84
Rudy Gobert 88
Zach LaVine 87
Domantas Sabonis 86
Bradley Beal 89


2K will continue to announce player ratings as the weeks go on, and we’re sure we’ll have the full player ratings list before the game releases in September!