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NBA 2K22 MyCareer: Which College should you choose?

Published: 9/Sep/2021 18:33

by Nick Farrell


Perfecting your player within NBA 2K22’s MyCareer mode is going to be essential for dominating on the court. But, one of the earlier choices within the game is going to drastically affect some of the badges you obtain. 

2K Games are perhaps best known for their ventures into the NBA world with their franchise, NBA 2K, and the game has seen its ups and downs over the years.

While the game offers a ton of game modes for players to check out, a large portion of you is always going to flock to MyCareer. The single-player journey within the game has taken a story-driven focus as of late, but your created player is still going to be vital for other modes such as The City.


However, a new feature within NBA 2K22 gives people a lot more College choices, and they’re going to directly affect your player’s badges and attributes.

We’re going to run over all the choices within the game and which one you should choose during your playthrough!

lamelo ball nba 2k
2K Games
LaMelo Ball will look to surge in ratings this year within NBA 2K.

Which College should you choose in NBA 2K22

This is one of the new features within NBA 2K22, as 2K Games have added an ample amount of Colleges for players to play at during the prologue of the career mode.

At first glance, one would assume we would just pick the College we like the most and play a few games for them before we get drafted into the NBA. But, 2K has actually put some consequences to this choice, as each College is going to have an effect on some of your player’s attributes within the game.


College choices 2K
2K Games
Each College is going to have a boost to certain categories.

So, depending on the route you want your player to take, your choice in College is going to help this dramatically. We’re going to run over every College in the game, along with the boosts they’ll give you if you opt to play for them during your MyCareer journey.

  • Florida Gators
    • +1 to Shooting, Playmaking, Defense, and Finishing
  • UCLA Bruins
    • +2 to Finishing and Shooting
  • Villanova Wildcats
    • +4 to Shooting
  • Oklahoma Sooners
    • +2 to Shooting, and +1 to Playmaking and Defense
  • Michigan State Spartans
    • +4 to Playmaking
  • Gonzaga Bulldogs
    • +3 to Finishing and +1 to Playmaking
  • Syracuse Orange
    • +3 to Playmaking and +1 to Shooting
  • Connecticut Huskies
    • +2 to Finishing and +2 to Defense
  • Texas Tech Red Raiders
    • +4 to Defense
  • West Virginia Mountaineers
    • +3 to Defense and +1 to Finishing
nba 2k22 player predictions
2K Games
Players will try and create their player into superstars such as Trae Young.

The choice is really up to you, a more balanced build is going to opt for the Florida Gators, while if you’re looking to create the next Steph Curry, you’re going to want to opt for the Villanova Wildcats.

Keep in mind, that these attribute points help you unlock badges for your player, so be aware of this when making this choice!