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Best badges to use in NBA 2K22 MyCareer

Published: 6/Sep/2021 17:17

by Nick Farrell


NBA 2K22 is going to implement some new badges for players to test out when creating their characters, and some of these will offer unique skill attributes that’ll improve your player over the course of the game. 

The annual release of NBA 2K is one that basketball fans around the world look forward to, as, without a true competitor in the space, 2K has emerged as one of the most well-rounded sports titles out there.

With 2K Games rolling out new content each year into their games, this time around we’re in store for a flurry of new additions, and one of these is badges for your created player.


Your player will be used in MyCareer along with online play within MyPark, and as you progress overall, you’ll be able to earn certain skill points that you’ll delegate to badges.

We’re going to run over the best badges you can use within NBA 2K22, along with some of the new ones, that we think will be useful in MyCareer!

Luka Doncic
2K Games
Luka Doncic is one of the rising stars within the NBA and features some of the best badges based on his dominance in real life.

New badges coming to NBA 2K22

Before we dive into some of the pre-existing badges that players will want to flock to within NBA 2K22, the developers have outlined some of the new badges that we’ll get to experiment with this year.


Some of these do seem promising for our created players, and down below is a quick overview of all of them.

  • Fast Twitch
    • Ability to get off the floor quicker for standing layups and dunks
  • Grace Under Pressure
    • Ability to convert standing layups more effectively
  • Limitless Takeoff
    • Ability to soar from further away on driving dunk attempts
  • Mouse in the House
    • Ability for bigs to finish over shorter players more efficiently
  • Unstrippable
    • Ability to secure the ball better when gathering for a layup/dunk in traffic
  • Chef
    • Ability to knock down Steph-like off-dribble deep 3’s
  • Limitless Spot-up
    • Ability to hit logo-range 3’s off a catch and shoot
  • Lucky #7
    • Boosts your ability to score when shooting early in the clock
  • Mismatch Expert
    • Ability to successfully shoot over taller defenders on a switch
  • Glue Hands
    • Ability to make difficult catches and quicker branch out to a shot or dribble
  • Hyperdrive
    • Boosts the speed and effectiveness of moving dribble moves
  • Quick Chain
    • Boosts the ability to quickly chain dribble moves together
  • Post Playmaker
    • Boosts the effectiveness of both shots and moves when playing in the post
  • Triple Threat Juke
    • Increases the effectiveness of triple threat fakes, jabs, and go moves
  • Ball Stripper
    • Ability to strip layup and dunk attempts more effectively
  • Hustler
    • Ability to get to those scrappy 50/50 balls quicker than opponents
  • Menace
    • Significantly drops the offensive ratings of opponents when you smother them

The addition of these 17 new badges brings the total count to 80, but keep in mind, that these badges are broken down into the position you’re playing within MyCareer, so don’t expect to earn them all.

Best badges to use in NBA 2K22

Steph curry nba 2k22 rating
2K Games
Steph is once again one of the top-rated players in 2K and will feature some deadly sharpshooter badges.

While some of the new badges such as Chef, Menace, and Hyperdrive seem to be solid for this year’s 2K, it’s still unknown how they’ll fair within MyCareer and Park.

So, we’re going to outline some of the best badges players can opt into within NBA 2K22, and this page is bound to change as the meta of online evolves over the course of the year.


  • Deadeye
  • Green Machine
  • Deep Fades
  • Acrobat
  • Contact Finisher
  • Putback Boss
  • Blinders
  • Clamps
  • Pogo Stick
  • Bailout
  • Quick First Step
  • Dimer

Dexerto will be sure to update this page over the course of the 2K22 season, as the meta of the game is surely going to change, and your created player will need to adjust as follows.