You can now officially rock Crocs in NBA 2K22

Connor Knudsen
crocs 2k22
2K Games / Crocs

NBA 2K22 has just shocked fans with an announcement of a brand-new shoe that players can equip in the game: Crocs. 

The 2K Games basketball franchise has always been known for making creative collaborations with different cultural brands, commonly incorporating them into the game.

This takes the form of shoes, player banners, clothing, and much more that allows players to swag out in MyCareer.

And now, shocking the world, NBA 2K22 has added Crocs to the game in a new collaboration deal with the sandal company.

Crocs are coming to NBA 2K22

crocs nba 2k22
2K Games / Crocs
Get ready, it’s time to rock Crocs in NBA 2K22

Announced on December 17 on the game’s Twitter account, NBA 2K22 will be adding Crocs as wearable shoes for players to use in MyCareer.

Players will be able to get multiple different colorways of the sneakers, including at least yellow, purple, and blue.

According to screenshots shared by players, the Crocs will be purchasable at Swag’s and will cost 15,000 VC. This means they are already live on servers.

This is one of the first standalone shoe collaborations for NBA 2K that didn’t involve a direct creation of a store for that show in-game, much like there is for Nike, Adidas, Converse, and even Puma.

It’s also not clear if this is a limited-time drop, or if Crocs will be sticking around in 2K22. So, if you want them, you had better go get them quickly.

Crocs are definitely going to be a wacky addition to 2K, but that’s a lot of what makes playing this game so entertaining, it almost tempts you to look your goofiest.

So, get out there, put your Crocs in 4-wheel drive, and get ready to posterize your opponents in your shiny and colorful new sandals.