NBA 2K24 players angered by “pay to play” MyCareer and Park games

Connor Bennett
NBA 2K player dunking on opponent in Elite park in 2k24 with red logo

NBA 2K fans have hit out at the “pay to play” feel of NBA 2K24 as many believe the barrier to entry is now too high for anyone trying to get involved in MyCareer and playing in the Park. 

The MyCareer mode of the NBA 2K franchise has long been held up as one of the modes around for sports games, however, those who play it every game do have plenty of gripes with it. 

Over the last few years, there has been an additional focus on needing to use VC and real money to put yourself in a position to win in-game. That goes for those matches against the computer and other players in The City and park courts. 

Many players were helped out on that front by daily rewards from the spin wheel. However, that has now been locked behind the RISE and ELITE affiliations, which require you to complete objectives in Park games to even unlock it.

NBA 2K fans blast 2K24 for being like “mobile game” with microtransactions

Well, that, and the reworked badge system which also plays into the need to spend VC on a build, has sparked plenty of intense criticism from players who have simply had enough. 

“You telling me this isn’t a free-to-play mobile game? I’d even say some are easier on the customer’s pockets. Every year, it has been consistently getting worse. So my question is, how the hell will the game look in a few years in time?” Redditor sosephjr posted

“I genuinely don’t think career mode is meant for casuals anymore. $70 game + $50-100 more for VC, plus the dedicated hours you need to put in grinding over the artificial level caps they have, makes it a no-go for me,” added Section_80 on Reddit. “At this point, it’s pay to play online really. If you’re not dressed like polka dot shorts and 90 overall you won’t get the ball online,” said another.

“Biggest issue is locking affiliation behind a stupid quest. I’m not getting 100 points and 10 wins unless I dump VC into a build because nobody wants to give the ball to a 60,” another commented. 

Many players want things to go back to a more simplified way of upgrading your player. “Should have to play to earn the upgrades all the way… VC should just be for aesthetic things not pay to win,” one suggested.

That seems like a pipedream given how big the 2K franchise has gotten, but with all the backlash – NBA 2K24 is one of the lowest-rated games on Steam at the moment – there might be scope for some changes.

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