NBA 2K24 player’s miracle buzzer shot makes everyone mad

Kurt Perry
Nikola Jokic shooting a three over Anthony Davis in NBA 2K24.

An unbelievable buzzer beater has left the NBA 2K24 community stunned after one player managed to hit a heavily contested half-court heave over three opponents.

Anyone who has ever stepped foot in The Rec knows exactly what to expect: Selfish point guards refusing to pass, centers getting constant paint violations, and teammates frantically running around the court with no obvious game plan.

With it being NBA 2K24’s casual 5v5 mode, The Rec experience is rarely comparable to a real game of basketball. Even so, there are crazy moments that create memories players will never forget.

That’s exactly what happened when one player found themselves holding the ball with just a couple of seconds left and proceeded to make a ridiculous shot.

NBA 2K24 player hits miracle buzzer beater against the odds

An NBA 2K24 player posted one of the most ridiculous shots in Rec history after their teammate hit a half-court heave over three opposing players at the buzzer.

Sharing the moment on Reddit, the player said: “Lmao you gotta love it. Yes i know im trash at shooting. il state the obvious bad %”

With 3.2 seconds left on the clock, number 99 inbounds the ball to Yellow Team’s shooter. He then catches it with 2.2 on the cloth and is immediately triple-teamed. Rather than passing to an open teammate, he takes the shot on himself and somehow makes it.

As ridiculous a shot as it was Number 89’s buzzer-beater didn’t end up deciding the game with the Black Team still winning 53-52.

Even so, that didn’t stop other players from getting annoyed by it: “Damnn i would be so mad to lose to a shot like this one, full contested half court miracle.”

“Nah bruh. Just nah. If I’m in a game and someone hits that for a game winner I’m not deleting 2k24 I’m setting my Xbox on fire,” another comment responded.

Given the antics The Rec brings with it, there are sure to be plenty more crazy NBA 2K24 moments just like this miracle buzzer-beater in the future.