NBA 2K24 joins Overwatch 2 as the worst-rated games on Steam amid community criticisms

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NBA 2K24 joins the hall of shame as one of the worst-rated games on Steam amid community criticisms days after release. 

Upon the release of the much anticipated NBA 2K24, the devs were immediately hit with community criticisms of its new badge regression system and the new Shooting Slump mechanic as some of the franchise’s worst new additions. 

Most importantly for PC players, the PC version will not come with the next-gen; rather, it is considered old-gen. Meaning players who buy the game will have fewer features than PS5 and Xbox Series X|S gamers. 

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It seems the new mechanics and systems have already done enough damage to see its players review bomb it as one of the worst-rated games on Steam. 

LeBron James' Heat era in NBA 2K242K
PC players will not have access to MyNBA in NBA2K24

According to Steam 250, as of writing, 2K24 is sitting at the second lowest-rated game on Steam currently, with 2,928 reviews not recommending the game. 

That is roughly 90.1% of user reviews giving it a negative review, with only 288 positive reviews accounting for 9.9% of the reviews. 2K24 joins the likes of Overwatch 2 as one of the most negatively reviewed games on Steam, of which the latter was infamously review-bombed. 

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And the reviews reflect the community’s anger about the missing features for the PC version, as many in the reviews consider it a plain copy and paste of last year’s game. 

As a negative reviewer put the dev’s treatment of PC players, “NBA 2K24 continues the unfortunate trend of offering little innovation while perpetuating inequality and mistreatment towards PC and Steam players.” 

2K24 players on PC will miss out on various new additions, such as Crossplay, the ability to start a career in the WNBA, and MyNBA.

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