NBA 2K24 players slam “unacceptable” lag ruining Park & multiplayer

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NBA 2K24 players have hit out at the “unacceptable” latency issue that is making it impossible to play online games in the Park and The Rec. 

MyCareer has arguably been the biggest selling point for the NBA 2K franchise over the last decade or so, giving players the chance to live out their dreams and hoop in the league. 

It’s become so massive too, with a focus now on storylines and takings happening off the court. When you reach the upper echelons of MyPlayer overalls, most players want to take their skills to The City and start dominating in games on the Park courts and in The Rec. 

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This time, though, things have been difficult. Many 2K fans have called out the “pay to play” feel of the game this year, seeing as it can be hard to get games if you have a low rating. However, others are more concerned about the latency.

NBA 2K24 players blast “crazy” issues with multiplayer games

That’s right, numerous NBA 2K fans have taken to social media to lambast the current state of the servers and game latency, saying it feels like you have to “relearn” the game if you want to play online.

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One video, posted by TikToker ZSwanztyBaby, sparked a wider conversation after noting that it can take around two seconds for your player to pull off a dribble move. Others have shown examples of their shot meter filling up perfectly but then the game registers it as a poor and late attempt. 

“This s*it is UNACCEPTABLE!” said Redditor Most-Tale-6847. “It’s crazy. Playing defense feels like moving through quicksand. Loved play now online but I can’t play anymore and enjoy it,” added another. “It’s always been an issue for years and the precise reason why I refuse to touch online. It’s literally playing two different games offline vs online,” another commented. 

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Some players have stated that, without changes from the devs, the online side of MyCareer and this year’s 2K is going to be “unplayable” for them. 

It remains to be seen if things will get better and if the devs will address the issue, but many players clearly aren’t holding out too much hope for that. 

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