NBA 2K24 locks in crossplay for the first time but with a catch

Chris Studley
Kobe Bryant on NBA 2K24 cover

The impending release of NBA 2K24 will introduce crossplay functionality for the first time in the franchise’s history, but not everyone will benefit.

The NBA 2K development team has never added crossplay functionality to the franchise in its history, despite the presence of several online game modes like MyTeam and The City that could make use of it.

Most major sports game franchises, like FIFA and MLB The Show, have added the feature in recent years, allowing players to join their friends, even if they’re on other platforms.

Finally, 2K is set to join the crossplay party in 2023.

NBA 2K24 to feature crossplay

For the first time in NBA 2K franchise history, NBA 2K24 will feature crossplay for online play. ESPN first reported the news via an interview with Visual Concepts president Greg Thomas, and 2K confirmed it in its official release announcement today.

However, there are some caveats, with regards to which players will benefit from this addition.

Crossplay will only be available for those who own NBA 2K24 on “next-gen” consoles. This means that only those with a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will have access to this feature. Those who own 2K24 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC won’t have the luxury.

2K’s decision to add crossplay follows the path that several other sports game franchises have paved in recent years.

MLB The Show introduced the feature in 2021 when the title went live on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S platforms for the first time.

FIFA 23, which launched in 2022, was the first title in the franchise’s history to feature crossplay. The EA Sports NHL team made the same move last year when crossplay was added for NHL 23.

This year, both Madden and NBA 2K players will have the option to match up with others from the opposite console for the first time.

NBA 2K24 is set to release on September 8. Make sure to check our site for more 2K24 coverage.