NBA 2K23 devs slammed for “laughing” at players over VC prices in-game

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The cost of clothing items at a Finders Keepers shop in NBA 2K23 has some players blasting developers because of the game’s VC prices.

VC prices have long been viewed as a trouble spot in NBA 2K titles, particularly in recent years. However, it seems NBA 2K23 is the most egregious entry to date in terms of in-game purchases.

many have found challenges and other tasks reward players with incredibly low VC payouts. Additionally, user calculations show maxing out a single MyCareer character requires VC payments in the hundreds of thousands.

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Newer findings indicate NBA 2K23’s “greedy” monetization doesn’t end there, either. Even cheaper, low-interest clothing items come at a high cost.

NBA 2K23 fans slam devs over high VC prices on clothes

Reddit user GoatJamez shared a screenshot in the NBA 2K subreddit depicting several t-shirts in an in-game store priced at $7,000 VC.

The shop in question is a Finders Keepers, a typically “cheap store” according to the Redditor. “They’re trippin’,” GoatJamez added. Several others seem to agree.

BrokenClxwn chimed in, calling the price tag “outrageous” before noting that “2k is laughing in our faces at this point.”

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Users such as Myzery606 pointed out how Finders Keepers in NBA 2K22 sold traded player jerseys at a discount. It’s unclear if the shop will serve a similar purpose down the line.

VC prices in NBA 2K23 seem especially egregious when considering the lengths players must go through to receive decent rewards.

For example, a Devin Booker challenge that requires users to complete multiple time-consuming objectives only offers 500 VC.

2K Games and developer Visual Concepts have yet to formally address the ongoing monetization concerns. The franchise’s trend of increasingly worst monetization practices suggests said concerns will go unanswered.

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NBA 2K23 is out now on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox platforms.

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