NBA 2K23 players slam Devin Booker challenge rewards

Brianna Reeves
nba 2k23 devin booker challenge

NBA 2K23 players slam the poultry Virtual Currency rewards offered for an overstuffed Devin Booker challenge.

NBA 2K23 hit store shelves late last week, bringing yet another iteration of the basketball sim to PC and consoles.

In the lead-up to launch, 2K Games and developer Visual Concepts outlined the myriad ways the franchise has improved since last year’s entry.

And it seemed the MyPlayer suite had especially received enhancements with respect to Virtual Currency. However, users are already encountering VC-related issues that will undoubtedly give many players pause.

NBA 2K23’s Devin Booker challenge is already causing a stir

While playing MyCareer mode, Reddit user Wild_Jackfruit3865 encountered a Devin Booker challenge that’s packed with objectives.

The challenge at Moss Point requires players to complete 30 dunks, make 30 three-pointers, bank 20 3’s from the corner, drop another 20 3’s off of assists, and perform 20 “flashy dunks.”

It’s a hefty list of requirements, which offers rewards like 3,000 MVP Points, 25 Street Cred, and 500 VC. Wild_Jackfruit3865 and others are most notably bothered by the measly 500 VC.

“Yup. They officially made MyPlayer pay-to-play,” CallmeDragon wrote in the replies. Players such as TheZoloftMaster noted that this may result in NBA 2K losing players this year because no one will be able to afford investing in multiple builds.

Meanwhile, sosephjr wonders if rewards for the Devin Booker challenge and the like will encourage NBA 2K23 players to “start some kind of movement” about buffing VC rewards. “Right now, I feel like I’m wasting my time playing MyCareer but there’s no other way of getting VC.”

Whether or not posts of this nature will attract the attention of 2K Games and Visual Concepts isn’t yet known.

NBA 2K23 is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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