NBA 2K23 players think 2K is cheating them out of VC earnings

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Some NBA 2K23 players think 2K cheats them out of VC earnings because of discrepancies that appear in post-game menus.

Concerns regarding NBA 2K23’s in-game currency have lingered since the title hit store shelves in September 2022.

Many felt the grind to max out a player using VC was way too steep, especially since VC payouts rarely proved worthy of the extra effort.

As a result, some users turned to microtransactions, ultimately giving in to NBA 2K’s contentious monetization practices. One person even spent upwards of $400 upgrading two MyPlayer builds. Now yet another VC-related issue has fans scratching their heads.

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Is 2K shorting players on their NBA 2K23 VC earnings?

“2K is lying to you about how much VC you earn,” wrote Redditor WizWillis in a post on the NBA 2K subreddit. In the gameplay clip accompanying the message, viewers can see the player raked in a total of 1,284 VC at the end of a Pro-Am match.

Later in the video, though, a quick look through the Progression menu shows WizWillis only has 1,050 VC in their possession.

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A few other Reddit users chimed in to say they’ve noticed similar discrepancies in the past. However, even more people noted it’s best not to jump to conclusions.

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“I know 2k is a s–t company, but this is just a sync issue,” one user replied. Another NBA 2K23 player said the VC earnings error even happens with daily rewards but usually fixes itself after they exit and log back in.

Others suggested testing the problem across several different matches, logging out, and logging back in each time to better assess the situation.

For now, this may not be an issue for users to worry about. But players may still want to keep an eye on their VC totals when booting up the game.

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