NBA 2K23 players flame broken J. Cole challenge rewards

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NBA 2K23 players are blasting a J. Cole challenge in the game that is broken and giving both poor and incorrect rewards for completion.

Since the game’s launch, NBA 2K23 fans have uncovered loads of in-game glitches that have plagued the player experience.

Now, a new bug has been uncovered which involves one of the cover stars of the game.

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Devin Booker was announced as NBA 2K23’s main cover athlete.

NBA 2K23 players hit out at bugged J. Cole challenge

2K player xJP7 posted to the NBA 2K subreddit some major problems with the J. Cole Challenge side quest.

First off, there is a major spelling error in the sentence as the game says J. Cole promises to give players some “nice reards” instead of “rewards.”

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On top of that, many have reported that the rewards for the daily side quests are bugged entirely.

One of the rewards from J. Cole is the Dreamer t-shirt, which is supposed to be obtainable by winning five games of 3-on-3 with J. Cole on your squad. However, many players are reporting that the reward is just a plain blue t-shirt instead of the Dreamer shirt which was promised in the quest description.

One 2K23 player slammed the glitched reward and called the basketball sim a “busted ass game.”

The Dreamer shirt is one of the most highly demanded pieces of clothing in the game, leaving many players bummed that they didn’t get the rewards they rightfully earned.

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Overall, it seems that NBA 2K23 continues to be littered with bugs at launch.