NBA 2K23 players discover “awful” animation forcing you out of bounds

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NBA 2K23 players are fed up with an animation that forces players out of bounds when receiving a pass.

NBA 2K23 has its fair share of blemishes, as players are frustrated by “ridiculous” steal spam issues.

Other minor glitches that players have pointed out include cameramen wandering onto the court or players dunking through the hoop instead of the basketball.

While some of these glitches are simply annoying, others are game-altering. Players have discovered such a glitch that pushes players out of bounds when receiving a pass.

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NBA 2K23 players expose passing glitch

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NBA 2K23 players have roasted MyPlayer’s monetization system.

An NBA 2K23 took to Reddit to complain about the game’s broken animations. The user pleaded, “can 2K please get rid of this awful animation. It literally pulls you out to the baseline and makes you run out of bounds…it ruins fast breaks.”

In the video, a player tries to trigger a fast break from an inbound pass, but when their teammate receives the pass, an animation forces them to stumble out of bounds on the opposing baseline.

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Several players shared some theories on the problem and offered a few possible suggestions.

One player claimed, “they inserted more animations to prevent constant leak outs. You have to slow down after you pass FT, or it can trigger this animation or other bad animations.”

A second user added, “Whoever at 2K thought it would be a good idea to add all these goofy out-of-bounds animations near the baseline needs to be fired.”

Fortunately, someone offered a solution by suggesting, “when running down the court, if you hold L2/LT, your character will expect the pass, and you get fewer of these animations.”

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2K is known to release hotfixes for minor bugs but has not mentioned this specific glitch as of writing.