NBA 2K23 player discovers secretly overpowered jump shot

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An NBA 2K23 player created a jump shot using a lesser-known basketball player to achieve a rating of all A’s across the board.

NBA 2K23 revamped how players can craft the perfect jump shot for the MyPlayer by creating specific statistics for each one.

Now, there are animations of the base, release 1, and release 2, each of which impacts important factors like defensive immunity, release height & speed, and timing impact.

With this new system in place, many hoopers have been trying to find the best combination to create the best jump shot, and one player believes they’ve done just that.

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NBA 2K23 creates perfect-A’s jump shot

2K player newbmycologist posted to the NBA 2K subreddit a picture of a jump shot they created, which had all green A’s in each category.

The jump shot consisted of Kobe Bryant’s base, and Atlanta Hawks guard Bogdan Bogdanovic’s releases 1 and 2.

Bogdan isn’t exactly known for being one of the best players in the league, but his jump-shot release makes for an unbelievably potent combination when paired with Kobe’s base shot.

One user in the comment section claimed the green A’s won’t matter if the shot “feels like s**t” to use.

However, another argued against the claim and said: “Those nice green letters are literally what matters. There is a big difference between A+ height, release, timing, and speed vs even a B in those categories. Why the f**k do you people care about what it looks like? You can get a feel for any shot.”

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It’s true that if you play enough with a jump shot then you’ll nail the timing eventually, so it’s certainly worth trying to practice with a potent shot like the one here.