NBA 2K23 players laud tribute to MP in MyCareer arena

Brianna Reeves
nba 2k23 mycareer arena

NBA 2K23 users are impressed by the arena tribute their character receives after reaching certain milestones in the MyCareer mode.

To say that longtime NBA 2K fans have expressed disappointment in this year’s MyCareer mode would be an understatement.

Thus far, players have most notably taken umbrage with the mandatory quests, especially since most simply want to play basketball.

The low VC payouts for completing arduous tasks and challenges remain a point of contention amongst the fan community, as well.

But players are also happy to applaud the few high points featured in the latest MyCareer mode.

NBA 2K23 MyCareer arena includes neat MyPlayer detail

Since 2K23’s launch, the NBA 2K23 subreddit has been inundated with threads about player frustrations. And understandably so.

But Reddit user SixGunChimp lightened the mood a bit by posting an awesome detail they noticed in MyCareer.

If a user’s MyPlayer character successfully works their way up to the team’s starting lineup, they’ll appear in a portrait at the arena.

As a result, SixGunChimp’s cleverly named MyCareer professional, LeBronzo Ball, now holds a spot on the wall next to Laker Point Guard, Patrick Beverley.

This touch to the arena in NBA 2K23’s MyCareer seems to count among the few bright spots in the updated mode, thus far.

Visual Concepts continues to roll out patches that address various trouble spots, though. One recent hotfix, for instance, addressed a bad shot selection bug that impacted great shooters.

Whether or not these same efforts will apply to larger concerns in the MyCareer mode remains to be seen.

NBA 2K23 is in stores now for PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox platforms.