NBA 2K24 player roleplays as 7’1″ Borat and dunks on everyone

Shane Black
NBA 2K24 Borat character

An NBA 2K24 player is getting creative in the game, crafting a 7’1″ Borat character to dunk on their opponents.

The character creation in NBA 2K24 is surprisingly robust, and allows players to make a variety of different players.

While most people use this tool to craft the perfect positional player, some use it to get really creative and bring their favorite characters to the game.

One of these players recently shared their 7’1″ custom Borat that they created with ridiculous dunking skills.

NBA 2K24 player made a giant Borat to dunk on others

The player shared their creation on the NBA 2K subreddit, where they explained they got the idea while they were home sick.

They’ve given their Borat a 92 standing dunk rating and says quotes from the movies while they dunk all over their opponents.

“It seems that Borat scoring on you with Kareem’s Sky Hook while yelling VERY NIICE is far more aggravating than simply getting dunked on.”

The NBA 2K24 community members that are responding are loving the creation and are even asking for them to make a video showing them doing this.

Top to bottom, players are appreciating the creativity of it: “This is actually hilarious. 10/10 post.”

There is active encouragement to not let the haters stop them from continuing either, with one user telling them, “Never change bro, I didn’t think MFS on this game could be that creative.”

It’s a novel idea that has clearly struck a cord with the community, and hopefully Borat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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