NBA 2K23 players say Interceptor Badge discourages passing

Brianna Reeves
nba 2k23 interceptor badge

NBA 2K23 players say they want developers to get rid of the Interceptor Badge because it discourages passing.

The Interceptor Badge in NBA 2K23 significantly increases a player’s chances of landing steals in the passing lane.

Unsurprisingly, it counts as one of the basketball sim’s best defensive skills and can become quite the game-changer for all positions on the court.

Not everyone is fond of the Interceptor skill, however; many users think of it as a buff that greatly diminishes the fun of playing. It seems such feelings among the player community have only strengthened over time.

NBA 2K23 players think the Interceptor Badge needs to go

“2K doesn’t reward passing anymore,” begins a Reddit thread from OG_SneakerChef. The Redditor argues that even their “PG with 92 passing” has become useless because of other players on the court “spamming passing lanes.”

Fast breaks have become nigh-on impossible. And everyone either spams or plays exactly the same, effectively ruining the game for those who love the sport.

Several users who responded to the post couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. Apparently, the blame falls at the feet of NBA 2K’s Interceptor Badge.

“This game hasn’t rewarded passing since interceptor was added,” one person replied in the comments. Others lamented how Interceptor discourages those who like playing fast. “If I get a couple of break starter passes intercepted in the first half, [we’re] playing slow for the rest of the game.”

Several responses spoke in favor of developers removing the Interceptor Badge to improve NBA 2K23. But some suggested equipping the Breaker Starter Badge, which improves the chances of making successful outlet passes.

All in all, it’s clear passing has become another facet of NBA 2K23 that fans want to see changed.

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