Best Shooting badges in NBA 2K23

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NBA 2K23 has a bunch of new features to enjoy, including many interesting new shooting badges in the game for players to unlock and use on the court. Here are the very best shooting badges you should use in NBA 2K23.

There are plenty of new badges for players to utilize in the latest installment of the NBA franchise.

Shooting badges in particular are some of the most popular to experiment with in the game, as they can greatly enhance a player’s experience on the court and make their builds much more efficient.

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Without further ado, here are the very best shooting badges available in NBA 2K23.

An image of a NBA player on the court, possibly using shooting badges.2K Games
Badges in NBAK23 can enhance different player attributes on the court.

NBA 2K23: Best Shooting badges

Here are the badges shooters will need to score from wherever, whenever.

Limitless Range

  • Extends the range from which a player can shoot three-pointers effectively from deep.
  • Rating requirement for Hall of Fame badge: 99 Three-Point Shot.

Limitless Range is one of the most important badges in the game. The ability to pull up from deep, comfortably beyond the three-point line makes for an unstoppable player. This badge is especially useful for on-ball creators.


  • Jump shots taken with a defender closing out receive less of a penalty from a shot contest.
  • Rating requirement for Hall of Fame badge: 99 Three-Point Shot.

Deadeye is an incredibly valuable badge for ballers looking to shoot straight off the dribble. This badge helps shooters shoot directly in the face of a defender closing out on the shot, allowing them to hit high-difficulty attempts.

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  • Jump shots taken with a defender closing out in their peripheral vision will suffer a lower penalty.
  • Rating requirements for Hall of Fame badge: 94 Mid-Range Shot or 97 Three-Point Shot.

The Blinders badge turns great shooters into legendary shooters, allowing for scorers to shoot with defenders’ hands within range. It’s always a pain in the butt to beat a defender off the dribble only for their crappy block attempt to actually mess with your player’s shot, and this badge nullifies that problem.

Catch & Shoot

  • For a short time after receiving a pass, the receiver’s ability to knock down threes gets a significant boost.
  • Rating requirements for Hall of Fame badge: 93 Three-Point Shot.

Catch & Shoot is a perfect badge for 3 & D archetype players looking to excel at the shooting side of that coin. Look to shoot directly off the catch with this badge equipped for an extra boost in shot efficiency. This badge is especially helpful for off-the-ball scorers.

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nba 2k23 player dribbling2K
Damian Lillard is one of the best shooters in NBA 2K23.

Agent 3

  • Improves ability to make pull-up or spin shots from three-point range.
  • Rating requirement for Hall of Fame badge: 99 Three-Point Shot.

One of the most difficult actions to perform on the court is pulling up off the dribble for a deep three-point shot. Agent 3 helps players with a high three-point shooting rating to pull up off a dribble from deep.

Space Creator

  • Increases a player’s ability to both hit shots after creating space from the defender, as well as cross up an opponent on step-back moves.
  • Rating requirement for Hall of Fame badge: 80 Mid-Range Shot or 83 Three-Point Shot.

Space Creator is a fantastic badge for on-ball scorers who look to make a basket off of a difficult dribble move, whether that be a step-back attempt or pulling up off of a crossover. This badge also helps make distance between yourself and the defender, putting you in a perfect position to score with.

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Corner Specialist

  • Deep range shots taken along the baseline of the court receive a boost, whether it’s off a dribble or a catch.
  • Rating requirements for Hall of Fame: 89 Three-Point Shot.

The corner specialist badge was tailor-made for off-ball scorers looking to hide away at the baseline, waiting for the perfect dish to drain a three. Look to utilize this badge on 3 & D builds.

Those are the best shooting badges in NBA 2K23. For more NBA content, check out our guides below:

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