NBA 2K23 gets major MyTeam updates and removes contracts

Lawrence Scotti
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NBA 2K23’s MyTeam will remove player contracts, bring back Seasons, and introduce a new mode called Triple Threat Online Co-op.

MyTeam is consistently one of the more popular game modes in NBA 2K. The game mode allows players to build a team of their own via ripping packs and pit them against either AI or online opponents.

In NBA 2K23, MyTeam is getting lots of changes, including the removal of one key feature fans have wanted to be removed for quite some time.

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NBA 2K23 MyTeam gets big changes

On August 25, 2K released a video detailing some of the changes that will be coming to MyTeam in 2K23.

For most players, the biggest change here is removing player contracts. Now, MyTeam players can use the players in their collection as much as they’d like without having to worry about re-upping contracts.

Seasons are returning along with new agendas and rewards which will be revealed later down the line. New Seasons will kick off every six weeks after launch.

New to the Triple Threat mode is Online Co-op, where 2K players can join up and take on either AI or online opponents using MyTeam cards to earn rewards.

The biggest change here for MyTeam diehards is the full removal of contracts, something fans have been asking for what feels like years now.

On top of that majorly requested change comes loads of content including incorporating Eras into MyTeam as well as tons and tons of fresh content drops throughout the lifespan of NBA 2K23.

With the release of the annual basketball sim just around the corner, more and more key information about the game continues to be revealed.