NBA 2K23 fans demand change for ‘broken’ auto-subs

Lawrence Scotti
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NBA 2K23 fans are hoping the game makes a major change to auto-substitutions, which some players have complained can ruin the game.

With the release of NBA 2K23 just around the corner, basketball fans everywhere are hoping changes they want to see in the annual basketball sim make it into this year’s edition of the game.

While Visual Concepts typically provides tons of updated gameplay and system mechanics each year, 2K23 is gearing up to be one of the most ambitious entries in the franchise in years.

However, 2K players are hoping one specific change is made to alleviate a problem that some are claiming can ruin an entire game mode.

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NBA 2K23 plans to

NBA 2K23 fans want big changes to MyCareer auto-sub problem

Reddit user kingkalis went viral after uploading an issue they ran into in NBA 2K22. In a MyCareer game, their backup center ended up playing 10 more minutes than their starting center, confusing them entirely.

In their post they said, “All I want in the new 2k is smarter sub logic. Especially in late-game situations…too much to ask?”

The gameplay photo shows star center Joel Embiid playing a measly 25 minutes behind tons of players with a far lower ratings then he, despite Embiid being fully healthy.

Other NBA 2K players in the comment section share similar store of being screwed over by the game’s auto-sub AI.

One user said, “The best is in MyCareer when you get subbed out right at the end of regulation, and the sub you in down 8 with 3 mins to go in 4OT.”

Another said, “The rotations are garbage. If you watch the CPU play itself it frequently sends out a lineup of all centers if you have enough and all big men if you don’t. It also likes to bench your star players at the end of close games.”

Hopefully, in NBA 2K23, developer Visual Concepts can provide so fixes so that auto-subs don’t pull better players for no reason, and don’t play full lineups of centers.

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