NBA 2K22 players flame devs after gameplay reveal: “Fix this now”

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While the next installment of their NBA franchise on the way, 2K Games have gone ahead and revealed the first look at NBA 2K22, and fans of the popular basketball game aren’t happy with the trailer. 

NBA 2K has long been the king of basketball games, as 2K Games continues to march on with the overly popular franchise each year. But, fans of the series have been becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of improvements made each year.

The mob is back once again, as devs revealed the first glance at how the gameplay could look when NBA 2K22 comes out. But, it hasn’t been received too kindly by fans of the series, as they’ve spotted a flurry of issues already within the cinematic.

NBA 2K22 First Look Candace Parker
2K Games
Candace Parker is the first WNBA player to be the cover athlete of NBA 2K!

NBA 2K22 players flame devs after gameplay reveal

2K showcased the first look at some of the gameplay mechanics within 2K22 with a new cinematic posted on August 30, 2021. Throughout the trailer, we see a lot of familiar faces within the NBA, and we even go to see rookies such as Cade Cunningham.

One of the issues many fans have had with the trailer is the appearance of some of the players. In Cunningham’s case, the model we got to see during the trailer doesn’t really resemble his actual face, and fans were quick to point out how they need to “fix this now.”

Players have also cited how at one point during the trailer we see Lonzo Ball appear on both the Pelicans and the Bulls. This is rather odd, as he signed an immense contract with Chicago back on August 2, and 2K may have accidentally shown him on his current and previous team.

Another issue that fans have had is the style of the trailer itself, as it’s more of a cinematic if anything and 2K players noticed this right away. Many users on Reddit and Twitter immediately called out 2K for this, as they want to see how the actual gameplay is.

With a lot of players hoping NBA 2K22 propels the series back into the limelight, we’ll have to wait and see what kind of new features 2K will be adding into this years title!