New York Knicks player shocked by how he looks in NBA 2K

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evan fournier
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New York Knicks basketball player Evan Fournier was not too happy about his appearance in NBA 2K as he sent out an upset tweet with a screenshot of himself in-game.

Evan Fournier is a French basketball player and recent addition to the NBA’s New York Knicks, signing a whopping $78 million contract with the team this summer. Fournier happens to be a huge gaming fan, recently listing his top five Nintendo 64 games of all time on Twitter with Donkey Kong Racing winning the top slot.

Although he does loving gaming, he wasn’t too happy with the NBA 2K franchise recently, sharing on Twitter his frustration.

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Fournier and NBA 2K beef

Evan sent an aggravated tweet about his appearance in NBA 2K on August 25. The screenshot from the game does not resemble him at all, as he looks crazed with huge eyes and curled hair. “Every f**king year bro…” Evan included in the tweet.

The public face of the 2K franchise, Ronnie ‘Ronnie2k’ Singh, replied to the tweet to let Evan know that the screenshot isn’t from the upcoming NBA 2K22. Ronnie said “Wrong game bud… But I can say whoever this imposter is is beautiful.”

Even if the screenshot is from the mobile version of NBA 2K, the tweet is still hilarious and rings true. Luckily Evan didn’t take things too seriously, throwing in a few crying laughing emojis to show he can take a joke.

Hopefully, for Evan’s sake, NBA 2K can update his visuals to make him actually resemble what he looks like.