NBA 2K22 adds Steph Curry Spotlight Challenge to celebrate 3-point record

Connor Knudsen
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Steph Curry is now the all-time three-point record holder in the NBA and 2K22 is celebrating with an all-new Spotlight Challenge in MyTeam.

NBA 2K22 is constantly making tunes and changes to keep up with what’s going on in the NBA, and recently there has been a major event.

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors broke Ray Allen’s all-time three-point record on December 14 against the New York Knicks. To many, this solidifies Steph as the greatest shooter to ever play in the NBA.

To commemorate such a massive record being broken, 2K22 has added a new limited-time Spotlight Challenge event to the game’s MyTeam.

Steph Curry Spotlight Challenge NBA 2K22 MyTeam

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2K Games
That’s a lot of green shots by Steph!

Steph Curry now holds the NBA record for the most made three-pointers ever at 2,977. To celebrate, 2K22 is adding a Spotlight Challenge in MyTeam with some spicy rewards to cook up.

To complete it, just load up 2K, head to MyTeam, and look for the Spotlight Challenge that’s been added. But, make sure you do it before its expiration date if you want to get the following rewards:

  • Sharpshooter Badge Pack
  • Under Armor Shoe Colorway
  • Sharpshooter Award Pack
  • 3-PT Shoe Boost
  • Hall of Fame Chef Badge

Completing all five games in the challenge will reward players with 30 tokens in addition to these prizes, according to a tweet from the official 2K22 MyTeam account.

Curry, who has a 99-overall 3-point stat in 2K22, is the obvious centerpiece of this challenge series, where players will have to recreate iconic moments from the pros career.

With almost 3,000 threes made, it had to be tough for 2K to pin this down to just five iconic moments.

Other events like this one continue to flow through 2K22’s MyTeam mode as we continue through the game’s second season, Rebirth, which has already featured the likes of Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan.

Make sure to check in to Dexerto’s 2K22 hub often to keep up with all the latest coming to the basketball franchise, who knows what record will be broken next!