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NBA 2K22 Season 2: Start date, Rebirth, Player Coach Cards, more

Published: 20/Oct/2021 19:09

by Connor Knudsen


NBA 2K22 has officially announced details about Season 2: Build Your Empire including the new MyCareer Rebirth feature, Player Coach Cards in MyTeam, and so much more.

2K22’s first season brought this year’s game to life, with all new ways for players to enjoy the beloved basketball franchise. But, as one door closes, another one opens.

Season 2: Build Your Empire, themed after the legendary Michael Jordan, is the next chapter in the 2K22 legacy, and it brings some major changes along with it.

From its start date, to the MyCareer updates, to celebrating the start of the NBA season, here’s everything you need to know about Season 2.


2K22 Season 2 start date

2k22 season 2 cancha del mar
2K Games
The Cancha Del Mar will be getting a makeover when Season 2 rolls around.

Season 2: Build Your Empire is set to launch on October 22, according to the official 2K Games blog post.

At that point, players will have access to all of the new content the season has to offer and can begin leveling up their MyPlayer, or heading in to experience all the new MyTeam features.

2K22 Season 2 MyCareer updates: XP rewards, Rebirth, quests, events

2k22 season rewards
2K Games
The Season 2 rewards are a bit spookier than Season 1, with a Skeleton Mascot as the crowned jewel.

Players in Season 1 were on the hunt for a go-kart that could be earned by hitting level 40. In Season 2, the coveted prize for level 40 is a Skeleton Mascot that players will be able to wear. Fitting, given the spooky Halloween season that it overlaps with.

XP can be earned from playing games, as always, but it can also be earned by completing quests.


Season 2 offers all-new quests including Rebirth, a questline that allows players to jump to 90 overall on next-gen consoles or skip 10 pre-completed MyPoints levels on current-gen. Players will need to already have a player at 90 overall in order to access the quest for Rebirth on both next and current-gen consoles.

The new Rebirth feature is brand-new to 2K and will greatly help reduce the VC cost of making new players in MyCareer. Even just moments after it was announced, this feature was already getting lots of love from the 2K community on Reddit.

Whether in the City or on the Cancha Del Mar, Season 2 is embracing Fall with new events and environmental updates.


The season will kick off with a party at the 2K club for next-gen players, where 2XP can be earned listening to new songs being added to 2K. But, that’s just the beginning.

Mobil 1 Grand Prix, Ruffles 4-Point Ridge Tournament, and the Kia Challenge are all brand-new events coming for all players that will have real-life and in-game prizes involved including a trip to Cleveland for the 2022 All-Star Weekend, an NBA Store gift card, and an in-game go-kart.

There’s also a very spooky Halloween event titled, “The Long Night” coming that will take place over the course of the day on October 31. Trick-or-treat locations will be added and both the cruise ship and the City will delve into full double-XP darkness.


2K22 Season 2 MyTeam updates: Triple Threat Online, NBA 75, Player Coach Cards

MJ and Rodman 2k22
2K Games
MJ and Rodman, two Bulls legends, are coming to MyTeam in Season 2

Changes are coming to Triple Threat Online: The 100 to make it easier than ever to reach higher Ball Drop tiers, and wins in TTO will no longer subtract your opponent’s points from your 100.

Speaking of tiers, a new Showdown Tier is being added as a level above the Galaxy Opal tier, reserved for only the top players in MyTeam. This will give an opportunity to earn an Exchange Event card that will give the large purse of 15,000 XP towards Season 3.

The NBA’s 75th anniversary, dubbed NBA 75, is also being celebrated in MyTeam with the opportunity to play against some of the greatest players over the history of the sport in the NBA 75 Domination.


In this, Player Coach Cards are being added to MyTeam as well. When earning three stars in a NBA 75 Domination game, one of many historic NBA players can be earned that will lead your MyTeam from the sideline.

Player Coach cards

Here are just a few of the earnable Player Coach cards:

  • 70s-era Dr. J
  • Showtime Kareem
  • Imposing Shaq
  • Dennis Rodman
  • Yao Ming
  • Zion Williamson

In addition to all this, there are plenty of other changes coming to MyTeam in Season 2 including MJ and Dennis Rodman player cards to celebrate the Build Your Empire theme, Pink Diamond Kevin Garnett, Amar’e Stoudemire, and so many more cards and features.

All in all, MyTeam is getting a litany of new features in the new season that should give fans plenty to chase over its course.

Stay on the lookout for more 2K news and updates from our dedicated 2K22 content page. This includes plenty of MyCareer player builds, which should come in handy with the new Rebirth feature coming in Season 2!