Crazy NBA 2K23 glitch forces player to switch sides and celebrate a loss

NBA 2K23 screenshot of OKC Thunder player.2K Sports

NBA 2K23 players are mystified by a unique bug that caused a player from the losing team to switch sides after the final buzzer sounded.

NBA 2K23 has had some strange bugs and glitches in its young lifespan but few are as silly as this one from the game’s Reddit.

As the game came to a close, a player from the losing team suddenly went turncoat and began to celebrate with the opposing squad.

Paul George switches sides against OKC Thunder in odd NBA 2K23

The glitch happened in a Los Angeles Clippers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game in which OKC managed to take one away from the home team. Immediately the away team begins to celebrate, but instead of grouping up around each other, they all flood to a player on the other side and embrace him.

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While at first, this seems like a random event, there may be an explanation for how this came together. The player who got mobbed was none other than Paul George, who despite being on the Clippers now, was previously a standout for the Thunder.

It’s not 100% if there’s still some unseen link between them in the game files, but it would make sense given that no one else on the Clippers squad seemed to react.

Of course, some fans had other ideas about why something like this might happen.

“When your teammate successfully sells the game,” one player joked, with another claiming George must have had a bet on his own team to lose.

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From another angle, a commenter suggested this was all just a classic display of being a good sport. “That’s great sportsmanship you don’t witness much in this game!” they said.

Whatever the reason, it’s certainly a bizarre sight to see in a game that has only grown more and more competitive over the years.