Disturbing NBA 2K23 bug gives pro player the worst back injury possible

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An NBA 2K23 fan recently shared footage of a glitch that subjects a pro basketball player to a terrible back injury.

NBA 2K players are more than familiar with the franchise’s bizarre bugs, and NBA 2K23 is no exception to the rule in this regard.

Not long after the recent game’s release, users stumbled across glitches that turned them into eldritch horror-like beings from Elden Ring.

Other graphical and performance hiccups have resulted in players swinging through the basketball hoop and being accosted by the cameraman. It seems the strange happenings in NBA 2K23 won’t soon reach an end, either.

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Nerlens Noel suffers scary back injury due to NBA 2K23 injury bug

Reddit user SuperZigga uploaded gameplay footage showing Nerlens Noel defending the paint in a playoff game versus the Sacramento Kings.

All seems fine in the first few seconds of the instant replay until a block attempt leaves Noel worse for wear. After landing back on his feet, the pro player contorts his back in the most disturbing way.

The weird graphical glitch knocks his spine so far out of alignment that Noel appears to be channeling Samara Morgan’s spider walk in The Ring. Fortunately, this particular NBA 2K23 injury glitch doesn’t go on for very long.

Again, these types of horrific errors have already proven pretty common in the latest NBA 2K installment. As such, players should probably brace themselves for even more strange occurrences throughout the game’s lifecycle.

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Graphical bugs aren’t the only issues plaguing the title, however. Since launch, fans have expressed contempt for everything from broken core badges and microtransactions to MyPlayer quests and server troubles.