Best Playmaking badges in NBA 2K23

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NBA 2K23 is here, and with it, a ton of new Playmaking badges for players to cross up defenders with. Here are the best Playmaking badges in the game.

NBA 2K23 sports a host of new changes, but arguably the most important of which is a fresh new set of badges for players to toy with.

For the most dedicated 2K players nailing exactly which badges you have can be the major difference between winning and losing, so knowing which are most powerful is key.

In this article, we’ll go over the best Playmaking badges in NBA 2K23.

Kyrie Irving in NBA 2K for Brooklyn Nets
Kyrie Irving is one of the best Playmakers in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23: Best Playmaking badges

Here are the best Playmaking badges in NBA 2K23:

Handles For Days

  • A player takes less of an energy hit when performing consecutive dribble moves, allowing them to chain together combos quicker and for longer periods of time.

With the new adrenaline boost system, executive multiple dribble moves can drain your stamina quite quickly. This means that the Handles For Days badge is going to be incredibly valuable for playmakers who want to handle the rock for a while.

Quick First Step

  • When driving out of a triple threat or after a size-up, ball handlers have access to quicker, and more effective, launches.

Quick First Step is valuable for dribblers looking to drive right by opponents out of the triple threat position. The ability to drive directly past a defender is one of the most important factors of playmaking, and this badge helps rev up speed with ease.

Mismatch Expert

  • Improves the player’s ability to beat taller defenders off the dribble in one-on-one situations when they’re switched onto them.

The best ball handlers in the NBA are able to turn a defensive mismatch into an easy bucket. With this badge equipped, players won’t have to worry about missing a shot against a defender that can’t match up against them.

Clamp Breaker

  • Improves a player’s ability to fight off contact, protect the ball, and drive by opponents as the ball-handler.

Protecting the ball through contact is a crucial factor for any playmaker, and with the Clamp Breaker badge, it’ll be damn near impossible to yoink the ball from them. This badge allows players to drive to the rim without having to be worried about getting their pocket picked.

An image of a NBA player on the court, possibly using shooting badges.
Michael Jordan is one of the faces of NBA 2K23.

Bail Out

  • Passing out of a jump shot or layup yields fewer errant passes than normal. Additionally, helps passing out of double teams.

Passing while in the air is one of the most difficult moves one can make on the basketball court. The Bail Out badge allows players to dish perfect passes, even while leaping for a layup or jump shot.

Killer Combos

  • Improves a player’s ability to chain together efficient dribble moves when sizing up their opponent.

Stringing together multiple ball-handling moves is going to be quite difficult without the Killer COmbos badge equipped. With this badge, players can put together multiple moves with fluidity before deciding to shoot, drive, or penetrate.


  • Increases the speed at which a player can perform moving dribble moves as they attack down the court.

As somebody who loves speedy ball handlers who won’t be slowed down by dribbling, Hyperdrive is one of my favorite badges. This badge allows a player to increase the speed they perform dribble moves on the fly, and it’s both incredibly fun and wildly helpful in the transition.

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