MultiVersus trophy guide: List of all achievements on PS5, PS4 & PC

Sourav Banik

If you’re wondering how to get all the trophies in MultiVersus, our detailed guide has everything you need to help you through on PlayStation and PC.

MultiVersus is the latest free-to-play platform brawler to have arrived and it’s already taking the gaming world by storm. It also offers a ton of shiny trophies for you to achieve and flaunt in front of your friends.

By no means is the list of achievements tiny. There are more than 20 trophies and knowing how to achieve all of them in-game can be a tad bit difficult.

Fortunately, our handy guide has all the information you need to achieve all trophies in MultiVersus.

How many trophies are there in MultiVersus?

In MultiVersus, you can earn a total of 29 trophies. They are categorized as Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

These same trophies are also known as “achievements” on PC. You can check them for yourself via the achievements page on Steam and Epic Games Store.

The game is available on both PlayStation and PC and has full cross-platform support across all platforms. This means no matter which platform you play the game on, all your trophy progress should be saved on the cloud.

official MultiVersus Season 1 poster
MultiVersus features almost 30 trophies in total.

List of all trophies in MultiVersus

Out of the 29 trophies in MultiVersus, you can earn 28 of them by completing specific tasks. You get to unlock the last one only after achieving all the previous 28 trophies.

Here’s a rundown of all the trophies that you can achieve in the game:

Bronze Trophies

  • Aerial Specialist – Get 10 Ringouts using the top of the Blast Zone
  • Bring A Friend – Get 10 Double Ringouts
  • Credit Where It’s Due – Give out 5 Toasts to other players
  • Matchmaker – Play one matchmade game
  • Rightie Specialist – Get 10 Ringouts using the right side of the Blast Zone
  • Run It Back – Accept 100 rematches
  • Signature Slammer – Get 10 low-damage Ringouts
  • Social Butterfly – Play 25 matches in a party
  • Southpaw Specialist – Get 10 Ringouts using the left side of the Blast Zone
  • Spike Specialist – Get 10 Ringouts using the bottom of the Blast Zone
  • Stepping Out – Win 10 matchmade games
  • Watch Your Step – Get 10 Ringouts using your spike
  • You Mean Business – Get 30 Ringouts

Silver Trophies

  • Catch This – Get 50 Ringouts with a Projectile
  • Going Down? – Get 50 Ringouts using your spike
  • Life of the Party – Play 100 matches in a party
  • Nice Speech – Give out 10 Toasts to other players
  • Proving Yourself – Win 100 matchmade games
  • Ringouts Are Better In Pairs – Get 25 Ringouts
  • You’re Getting Pretty Good At This! – Get 50 Ringouts

Gold Trophies

  • And Your Little Dog, Too! – Get 100 Double Ringouts
  • Bun-Puncher Supreme – Get 100 Ringouts
  • Distanced Damage Dealer – Get 200 Ringouts with a Projectile
  • Ground Floor: Ringouts – Get 100 Ringouts using your spike
  • Party Animal – Play 500 matches in a party
  • The Throne Is Yours – Win 300 matchmade games
  • Toast Master – Give out 100 Toasts to other players
  • Watch Your Head – Get 20 Ringouts with a Projectile

Platinum Trophies

  • Trophy Master – Unlock all other trophies in MultiVersus

As we mentioned earlier, the Trophy Master unlocks after achieving every other trophy in the game.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about the trophies and achievements in MultiVersus. Make sure you check out some of our other MultiVersus tips and guides:

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