Who is Tommyinnit? Twitch’s fastest-growing streamer from Minecraft fame


From the Yogscast to Dream, Minecraft has been awash with ridiculous streaming talent over the years. But there’s a new face on the scene – Thomas ‘Tommyinnit’ Simons. He’s a 16-year-old English Twitch streamer who has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few months.

At the start of the year, Tommyinnit was a Twitch streamer with a relatively modest following. He had just under 26k followers, averaging about 500 viewers per Twitch stream. However, in the past few months, his popularity has ballooned to the point he’s become easily the fastest-growing Twitch streamer on the platform, in addition to a booming YouTube subscriber base.

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At first glance, you’d expect Tommyinnnit to just be another kid streamer. But the reality is far from it. His energy, priceless reactions, and inappropriate jokes have endeared him to Minecraft fans across the community.

How did Tommyinnit get so popular?

His popularity boom started in July, when he joined the Dream Team Survival Multiplayer server, co-run by major Minecraft YouTuber Dream.

Tommyinnit playing minecraftYouTube: TommyInnit
Tommyinnit’s first stream on the Dream SMP.

The Dream SMP is a Minecraft storyline server that sees two sides waging war on each other to try and control the Minecraft world. There’s the main country, Dream SMP, and a breakaway independent state called L’Manberg. Tommyinnit joined L’Manberg in their war for independence but was later sent into exile for griefing another player’s home.

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Tommy’s been streaming his activities on the server almost daily, becoming one of the main personalities of the Dream SMP in the process.

Most of his videos involve his adventures on this Minecraft world, where he and the other members use mods to mess about. While he mostly plays Minecraft, he’s also dipped into other titles like Five Nights at Freddy’s and Among Us.