Will Minecraft Legends be on Steam Deck?

Minecraft Legends Steam DeckMojang

Minecraft Legends is available on a variety of platforms, from PC to PlayStation – but can you play Minecraft Legends on your Steam Deck? Let’s take a look at what we know.

Minecraft Legends is the latest addition to the Minecraft franchise and is promoted as a cooperative open-world strategy game filled with all the beloved mobs and settings many see in the traditional Minecraft game.

However, with the game on the way, and available on almost every major platform, as well as a handy subscription service, many are wondering whether Minecraft Legends will be made available on the Steam Deck. Here’s everything we know about its compatibility.

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Will Minecraft Legends run on Steam Deck?

Minecraft Legends multiplayer or co-opMojang
While it’s yet to be announced, it seems entirely likely that Minecraft Legends will run on the Steam Deck.

Currently, we don’t know whether Minecraft Legends will run on the Steam Deck, but we can assume it will be capable in some form or other thanks to its specs, platforms, and software nature.

After all, Minecraft Legends is available on both Steam and the Nintendo Switch, pointing out some promising signs for the game’s software compatibility and its portable nature. Combine that and the game’s nature of having relatively low PC specs, and we have a real chance to see Minecraft Legends working absolutely fine on a Steam Deck.

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When more information is revealed and we get a finalized answer from Mojang, we will be updating this article so be sure to check back soon for more details.

That’s all we currently know about Minecraft Legends’ Steam Deck capabilities. While waiting for the game to download, take a look at our other Minecraft Legends content and guides:

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