Minecraft adds new cherry blossom trees and biome to 1.20 update

Minecraft Cherry Wood BiomeMinecraft

Minecraft continues to add new features to the upcoming 1.20 update, which now includes a new cherry blossom biome.

Just recently, Minecraft confirmed that the long-awaited archeology feature would be coming to the game when its1.20 update drops.

Archeology will give players another way to chase down rare and unique loot, as the update will now litter the desert with suspicious sand that can be dug up, much like buried treasure.

Although archeology is going to steal most of the headlines regarding 1.20, a newly-announced biome is also getting players excited.

Minecraft cherry blossom biome confirmed

Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, Minecraft announced that 1.20 will include a brand new biome, the cherry blossom biome.

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This will include new cherry blossom trees, along with all the cherry blossom wood crafting outputs like planks, slabs, and fences. There will also be a unique sapling so that players can replant cherry blossom trees.

The announcement also confirmed that only three neutral mobs – pigs, sheep, and bees – will spawn in the cherry blossom biome. Otherwise, there aren’t any major new features being added with the 1.20 update.

Minecraft Cherry WoodMinecraft
A bedroom made of cherry wood.

Cherry blossom wood will actually be the second type of wood that will be added in the next update, along with bamboo wood blocks. As opposed to bamboo sticks, the bamboo wood blocks will also have its own variants of those wood outputs.

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Even though this new announcement doesn’t contain any major gameplay updates, simply giving us a new wood variant and some more colorful pink leaves. If you’re a fan of the aesthetic and design side of Minecraft, this new biome will be a wonderland for you to explore.