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How to get Netherite in Minecraft – crafting guide and tips

Published: 10/Feb/2020 13:25 Updated: 23/Jun/2020 15:36

by Connor Bennett


Minecraft’s 1.16 Nether update is officially here, and that means players have a brand-new material to use called Netherite. Here’s everything you need to know about finding, smelting, and crafting using Netherite.

Minecraft first released as an alpha back in 2009, with what you could do in-game only being limited by your imagination. Since then, it has gone on to become one of the most popular games of all-time – eclipsing 180 million copies sold. 

Minecraft remains super popular, and Mojang continues to update the game regularly, with June 23 finally bringing the Nether Update. This massive content dump sees the developers completely overhaul the Nether realm, introducing new mobs, three biomes, and most importantly Netherite to the game.

Netherite armor in Minecraft
The Nether has been given a new look in Minecraft with the addition of Netherite.

Of course, to get your hands on Netherite, you need to head to the Nether, but it’s well worth the trip. It may be the rarest material in the game, but it’s also stronger and more durable than diamond, meaning you can take even more damage compared to those in the shiny blue gear. The substance is rare though, and on top of that, it’s going to cost you if you want to actually use it.

However, players have quickly sussed out the quickest and easiest ways to get ahold of the brand-new material, even though its spawn levels aren’t exactly the easiest to narrow down.

Like the rarer materials in Minecraft, Netherite only spawns in veins at certain levels below the surface.

How to get Netherite – step-by-step guide

  1. Go into the Nether with a Diamond Pickaxe
  2. Dig down between levels &7 to Y16
  3. Mine four ‘Ancient Debris’ blocks across these levels
  4. Take the material to the surface and refine it using a furnace
  5. Use the Crafting table to combine four Netherite scrap with 4 gold ingots to form a Netherite ingot, which can then be used to craft items.

As it stands, Netherite can only be used to upgrade crafted diamond weapons and armor instead of creating an entirely new one out of the material itself. 

All you have to do is take the weapon or piece of armor that you want to upgrade, toss it on the crafting table, place a piece of Netherite ingot above it and you’ve got yourself a pretty durable weapon.

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You can also enchant the Netherite gear like other pieces of equipment, however, if you try and upgrade an already enchanted weapon with the ingot, you will lose your enchantment. 

Of course, as the material is tested further, the developers may make some slight adjustments in its spawn rate and levels but, for now, just follow the step-by-step guide to grab some Netherite.


Mr Beast gives Minecraft player $50,000 for building insane farm

Published: 19/Nov/2020 15:19

by Georgina Smith


Hugely popular YouTuber Mr Beast has given the prize of a lifetime to a 17-year-old Minecraft player who made an incredible in-game farm as part of a YouTube video.

Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson has become well known on social media for his entertaining videos with often quite bizarre concepts, along with the enormous prizes he gives to friends, fans, and strangers for participating in his content.

He has previously enlisted his gigantic 46.4 million subscriber strong fan base to help him in charitable projects like Team Trees, and even previously bought a $600,000 island which he had his friends compete to win.

More recently, Jimmy decided to launch a channel exclusively for gaming, playing games like GTA V, Among Us, and of course Minecraft, but with various high stakes twists. That channel alone has now accumulated 10.5 million subscribers in the short time since it launched.

Mr Beast in front of crate of money
Instagram: Mr Beast
Mr Beast’s challenges consistently go crazy on YouTube.

For this video, Jimmy challenged 100 Minecraft players to see who could build the most impressive farm within just an hour, with the prize for the best one set at a whopping $50,000.

Minecraft players battle it out for the coolest farm

It’s safe to say people were prepared to stretch their creativity to its limits for this challenge, and some of the most interesting farms included a giant Dr Phil shaped farm, some Among Us inspired setups, and even an amazing Team Trees inspired farm as an homage to Jimmy.

Along with his friends, and a subscriber (who he also gave $10,000,) Mr Beast took the time to rate each farm, with the players managing to create some rather complex interiors in such a short time.

However, the ultimate winner Crusty435 impressed Jimmy’s team with an intricate crop duster, a device used to water crops, that was suspended above a field of wheat. This player also had constructed an awesome looking windmill, which the team praised for its originality.

Crusty was absolutely stunned when Mr Beast informed him that he’d won the huge sum of money, and the 17-year-old could be heard yelling “I need to tell my Dad, I need to tell my Dad.”

Naturally for Mr Beast, the video has already scored over 5.5 million views within just a day of being posted, with people delighted for the lucky winner who secured the insane prize.