WizKids announces new line of MTG Arena companion plushes

Jack Bye
MTG WizKids plushes

Some of the most iconic Creatures and companions in MTG history will soon be collectible as plush charms thanks to a partnership between WizKids and MTG Arena.

Officially licensed by Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast, MTG fans will be delighted to see that the beloved Ravnican homunculus Fblthp has wandered his way into this plush charm set, alongside MTG Arena stalwarts Rainbow Koi and The Fisherman, a stylish reskin of The Drifter.

This Wizkids plush line even has something for MTG players who prefer in-person magic to using Arena. Bloomburrow is one of the most hotly anticipated Magic sets in recent memory, thanks to its fantasy flavor and adorable woodland critters.

Alongside the companions recognizable to MTG Arena players, Wizkids is bringing one of Bloomburrow’s central figures to life in adorable plush form; Mabel: Heir to Cragflame. This brave little mouse is set to be central to Bloomburrow’s story, and MTG fans will soon be able to take Mabel with them on their own adventures, thanks to the keychain fasteners that come with every plush in the set.

While MTG fans of all kinds will want to check out this WizKids release, these plush charms offer some additional value to MTG Arena players. Each charm will come with an unlock code for the MTG Arena marketplace when purchased.

These codes offer a discount on each corresponding digital companion, as well as a unique card sleeve type that spotlights the companion.

Magic: The Gathering: 3″ Plush Charms by Kidrobot will be available to buy in local game stores and online in October 2024 at a suggested retail price of $11.99.

For MTG fans who want to lock in their plush purchases early, the Magic: The Gathering: 3″ Plush Charms by Kidrobot are available for pre-order at local game stores and the Wizkids digital store.

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