MTG Bloomburrow: Everything you need to know

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Bloomburrow Mabel vs Calamity Beast

Bloomburrow is one of the most hotly-anticipated Magic: The Gathering sets to hit stores in 2024. This set features an adorable and engaging world of woodland animals and fantasy quests that Magic players are sure to enjoy. 

While Thunder Junction and Modern Horizons 3 proved popular, and Duskmourn’s Modern Horror trappings look exciting if polarising, Bloomburrow is set up to be a slam dunk thanks to being approachable for new players, stylish, and mechanically exciting.

We’ll run you through everything you need to know about MTG’s Bloomburrow set ahead of its full release on August 2, including crucial dates, spoilers, and where to buy.

Bloomburrow Key Dates

Spoilers: July 9 – July 19th

The spoiler season for Bloomburrow will take place from July 9th to July 19th, with reveals for the whole set quickly rolling out across social media.

Prerelease: July 26

Bloomburrow’s pre-release will take place a week before the set’s full release in select Wizards Play Network stores.

Full release: August 2

The whole range of Bloomburrow products, from booster boxes to pre-con decks, will be widely available in stores and online starting from August 2.

Bloomburrow Mechanics

MTG Bloomburrow Ygra
Calamity Beast Ygra from MTG’s Bloomburrow set

Alongside its standout art, Bloomburrow’s mechanical design is sure to delight MTG players new and old, with several powerful and creative abilities making up the backbone of the set.

  • Offspring builds up your board by spawning 1/1 token copies of the Creatures you cast, doubling up on abilities while providing a multitude of bodies to throw at opponents.
  • Gift is an additional cost mechanic that allows you to give your opponent a positive effect when your spell is successfully cast, ranging from card draw to counters. If the gift is given, you will gain an additional bonus or negate a drawback, depending on the card.
  • Forage is a new cost to pay that will fit particularly well in Golgari decks, allowing you the choice of either exiling three cards from the grave or sacrificing a Food token.
  • Valiant triggers whenever a creature becomes the target of a spell or ability you control for the first time each turn, providing boosts that can allow even initially weak Creatures to make their mark.
  • Expend shores up big-mana decks by tracking how much mana you have cumulatively spent on spells in a given turn, triggering positive effects when thresholds like 4 mana or 8 mana have been reached.
  • Pawprint modal spells are sure to be a favorite among MTG fans if the extra choice afforded by Thunder Junction’s Spree is any indication. These spells allow you to activate different effects by expending Pawprints as shown on the card. Each effect can be activated multiple times as long as you have Pawprints remaining, but keep in mind that certain effects cost more than others.

We’ll have a deeper dive into Bloomburrow’s unique mechanics coming very soon, so stay tuned to learn more about how these woodland warriors will play.

Bloomburrow Commander decks 

Bloomburrow Zinnia
MTG Bloomburrow’s Commander Zinnia, Valley’s Voice

Bloomburrow continues the premier set trend of releasing with four different Commander pre-con decks. These pre-cons feature a variety of playstyles that showcase both classic gameplay styles and mechanics unique to this set. 

Animated Army

Under the commander of Bello, Bard of the Brambles, this Gruul deck focuses on casting from exile, building up a stockpile of tokens, and swinging for big damage with animated Enchantments and Artifacts.

Family Matters

This Jeskai deck revolves around the Commander Zinnia, Valley’s Voice. Boosting initially lackluster Creatures to huge heights of power is a Jeskai classic, and Zinnia makes full use of Bloomburrow’s new Offspring mechanic to both go wide and boost itself to lethal levels of Commander damage.

Peace Offering

A Group Hug deck in Bant colors, Peace Offering balances building social alliances with playing the long game. This deck draws cards and slowly acquires +1/+1 counters with Commander Ms. Bumbleflower, pushing for the win when the time is right.

Squirreled Away

Squirrels have long been a favorite archetype among MTG players, and this Golgari deck led by Hazel of the Rootbloom gives them a real upgrade. Your tokens will generate a hoard of mana here as you build up an army of squirrels that can seize victory through sheer numbers.

Where to buy Bloomburrow 


Ahead of the full release of Bloomburrow – as with each MTG premier set – Wizards of the Coast will offer a pre-release period lasting one week at game stores that are included in the Wizards Play Network. At these prerelease events, players can pick up packs containing six Play Boosters as well as promo cards, unique spindown dice themed around the set, and more.

Local game stores hosting prerelease events can easily be found via Wizards of the Coast’s official store locator.

Full release

Starting from August 2, MTG players can get their hands on Bloomburrow from their choice of local game store or online. While pre-release packs are limited to 6 boosters per pack, any amount of Bloomburrow products can be purchased from this point onwards.

Below we’ve highlighted some stores that we recommend for quickly and easily getting your hands on Bloomburrow from the full release date. Check them out and dive into one of the most exciting Magic releases in quite some time.

If you click on a product link on this page we may earn a small affiliate commission. 

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