MTG’s weakest creatures have a new Commander in Murders at Karlov Manor

Jack Bye
MTG Delney Lookout header

White decks are about to get an incredible new MTG Commander option that doubles ability triggers and makes weak creatures difficult to block.

Delney, Streetwise Lookout is a newly-revealed card from MTG’s Murders at Karlov Manor set, and they look set to cause quite a stir. They’re on the lookout for the little guy, a new MTG commander that can greatly boost the power of weaker creatures and double up on effects.

Delney ranks among the best new Commanders to debut in Murders at Karlov Manor. We’ll walk you through exactly what makes them so useful, and why they’re ranking so highly among players and collectors.

How Delney, Streetwise Lookout works

MTG Delney art variants

Delney can be cast for 2W (two colorless and a white mana). Their ability makes it so that creatures you control with power equal to two or less can’t be blocked by creatures with power three or higher, effectively allowing your low-power creatures to slip past an otherwise ironclad defense.

Delney also doubles up on the abilities of creatures with power 2 or less, allowing the abilities of those creatures to activate twice whenever they are triggered.

White mana often wins by flooding the board with low-power creatures in great numbers. With a plethora of ways to generate and multiply vanilla creature tokens, white can build up an army in a scant handful of turns.

Delney takes this quantity-over-quality playstyle and runs with it. While weak creature tokens may have been hard to block when they attack in large numbers, now they’re almost impossible to block full stop. Players of other mana colors will have even more reason to fear the onslaught of dozens of creature tokens.

While creature tokens and Delney go together hand-in-hand, this Commander also pairs up extremely well with weak creatures with activated or triggered abilities, causing them to activate an additional time.

Delney synchronizes with Murders at Karlov Manor’s Disguise

Straight away, Delney has excellent synergy within its own set. The Disguise ability sets cards as 2/2s with Ward 2, which allows them to be valid targets for Delney. Suddenly your Disguised cards are incredibly difficult for opponents to interact with, as each one boasts an effective 4/4.

Including its focus in the new Deadly Disguise Commander Pre-con, Disguise is shaping up to be one of Murders at Karlov Manor’s most useful abilities, and Delney can help players make full use of it. Morph, Manifest, and Cloak all convert cards into face-down 2/2s too, allowing Delney to draw on and power up a variety of classic MTG mechanics.

Delney will likely end up as one of Murders at Karlov Manor’s best Commanders, opening the door for many decks containing low-powered creatures that otherwise may have gone overlooked. This card is already the most expensive in its set for pre-release, and will likely only gain traction in the weeks ahead.

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