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MTG Deadly disguise full deck

Whether its cards are face-down or flipping up into powerful effects, Deadly Disguise is an excellent new MTG Commander deck debuting with the Murders at Karlov Manor set.

Now, just ahead of Murders at Karlov Manor’s full release, one of the set’s best Commander decks is on sale at Amazon.

Deadly Disguise is one of MTG Murders at Karlov Manor’s four pre-con Commander decks. Foregrounding the set’s Disguise mechanic, this deck is tricky and troublesome for opponents to deal with, and definitely doesn’t lack in raw power.

Deadly Disguise is 16% off at Amazon right now, an all-time low price for this deck’s pre-order window.

MTG Deadly Disguise deck gets 16% off at Amazon

MTG Deadly disguise Commanders

Deadly Disguise is an MTG Commander deck in Naya colors (red, green, and white.) Naya Commander decks like Gishasth, Sun’s Avatar, and Jetmir, Nexus of Revels often have a heavy focus on creatures, building both wide and tall, building up value, and swinging with straightforward aggressive gameplay.

While Deadly Disguise still foregrounds Creatures over Instants and Sorceries, its gameplay is an intriguing new avenue for Naya that adds a layer of misdirection to keep opponents on the back foot.

The Deadly Disguise deck’s Commander is Kaust, Eyes of the Glade. Kaust can be tapped to flip your face-down creatures face-up, triggering all manner of powerful effects in this deck.

While placing your cards face-down is a rarity in Magic compared to other TCGs like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Murders at Karlov Manor has brought the strategy back in force thanks to its new Disguise mechanic.

Most of the creatures in this deck, new and old, synergize perfectly with this flip-based strategy. Printlifter Ooze generates powerful creatures with Trample to punch right through opposing players’ defenses. In a more supportive synergy, Master of Pearls grants a temporary +2/+2 buff to all your creatures when flipped face-up.

Duskana, the Rage-Mother is Deadly Disguise’s alt-Commander. If you’re looking for a different but equally powerful way to pilot this deck, this baleful bear is the way to go. Rather than focusing fully on flipping your disguised, morphed, or manifested cards, Duskana provides a powerful combat boost to your cards while they are still face-down.

Pre-order MTG’s Deadly Disguise Commander deck from Amazon and you’ll have a head start on the competition when Murders at Karlov Manor fully launches worldwide.

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