Among Us meets MTG with brand-new imposter card

Jack Bye
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A Killer Among Us sees MTG leaning into classic mind games and manipulation and should be a great play that will leave your opponents suspicious.

When it comes to games of survival, mystery, and deduction, there’s no arguing that Among Us is one of the best entries in recent memory. The game went from overlooked indie gem to overnight sensation, and retains much of its popularity to this day,

Now MTG is getting in on the fun, as its Murders at Karlov Manor set features a huge amount of skulking, subterfuge, deduction, and danger. Now, a newly revealed card seems to be a direct reference to Among Us and its hidden-killer gameplay.

A Killer Among Us debuts in MTG Murders at Karlov Manor

A Killer Among Us is a new card revealed for the Murders ar Karlov Manor set, and it could well be MTG’s most blatant reference in recent memory.

When cast, this card creates three 1/1 creature tokens, with one being a human, one being a merfolk and one being a goblin. A Killer Among Us’s caster then secretly chooses which creature will be the imposter. A Killer Among Us can be sacrificed to allow its player to reveal the creature type and put three +1/+1 counters on a target attacking creature of that type, imbuing it with Deathtouch into the bargain.

MTG’s A Killer Among Us has players feeling sus

While fan reaction to A Killer Among Us has not been entirely positive, this has less to do with the Among Us reference and more with the fiddliness and potential low power of the card’s mechanical design. As pointed out by Reddit Commenter DoctorKrakens:

“Okay memes aside, this seems like a pain to resolve logistically for little payoff.:

Is MTG turning to video games for inspiration?

Issues of power and complication aside, It’s great to see MTG reaching further afield for inspiration, taking video games into account as well as murder mystery novels and TV shows for Murders at Karlov Manor.

Following on from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan’s Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft reference, it appears that nods and winks to popular videogames are cropping up more and more in Magic: The Gathering. We’ve already had an official MTG x Fortnite crossover, so fans can only wonder what might come next. MTG Roblox, perhaps?

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